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Found 6 results

  1. Out wakeboarding behind the 190SSi (4.6l Mercruiser) and oil pressure alarm goes off / oil pressure gauge shows zero / kill engine immediately. Left the kids to drown, and leapt back to open the engine hatch...blehaaaaaaa...OMG...faint! Recover...wtf, recall last 60 secs, look in engine compartment...faint again! Engine bilge full of all the engine oil (probably 3 quarts / litres)...must be about a quart left in there. Decide to restart...builds normal pressure (slowly), idle 5 - 10 mins back to boat ramp (fortunately not far away), but I'm adding up damage to crank / cam every second. Back home, quick idle observation tells me oil filter is leaking. Drain remaining oil (yep about a quart), change filter, load new oil, run on cups for 10 mins, restart a few times, oil pressure good. Ok, where are the kids...joking, they swam home. Couldn't see any obvious problem with the existing filter, other than its a bit old / rusty. Real question is do you think there is internal damage? Thanks
  2. I have a 2005 Sunesta 216 with a 5.0 TKS engine. After starting and stopping the engine a few times (to switch out kids while tubing) the alarm stays on after the initial start but always goes off in about 20 seconds. All fluids are at the right level as well as the temp gauge reading is normal. Any ideas?
  3. Hey folks, my alarm (continious) stays on about 50% of the time after starting the engine for about 20 seconds after it cranks. Oil level is good, lower drive oil good, engine temp seems fine. I noticed the engine oil pressure gauge is about 45 when the engine starts then goes to about 60-70 when underway. My hunch is the oil sensor is malfunctioning as everything seems alright. I appreciate your thoughts. 2005 216 sunesta, 5.0 tks engine, 210 hours
  4. I was out on the lake pulling a raft and all seemed great. I shut off the boat to switch out riders on the raft and the boat alarm stayed on continuously and I noticed the oil pressure gauge below the typical range. I then shut off the boat, checked the oil level dipstick (looked in range) and called sea tow. I waited about 30 minutes and started the engine again and no alarm and oil pressure seemed to be slightly over 50. I then drove it back to the lake house with no problems with Seatow following. I checked the lower drive oil level and it was fine as I topped it off this am. I have a 2005 sunestia 216, tks, carb v8 with about 140 hours on it and the marina does the annual service. No problems since we started boating this season. I ran it all day yesterday, no problems. What do you think?
  5. Hello, I would appreciate some info from those in the know. My oil pressure gauge is showing 0 pressure on startup. I'm fairly certain I have normal oil pressure but shut down immediately just in case. When the key is turned on, the oil pressure gauge does move sligtly. Could someone tell me where the oil pressure sensor is on a 2005 Mercruiser 5.0 MPI? Also, what I can I check (is there a service manual available)? I realize this could be a bad gauge, sender, wiring, ground, oil pump (hope not!). So, what should I check first? Thanks so much for the assistance. Mark
  6. Thanks in advance for reading this and providing your thoughts. Boat is a well-maintained 2004 Chap 330 with twin Volvo Penta 5.7l GXi-F engines with about 160 hrs on each. Here are the three issues... - Sometimes (say every 2 out of 3 trips) after leaving the dock and initially getting her up on plane and around 3500 RPMs, my port engine's RPMs start to drop (even at full throttle) and get restricted to 2600-2800 RPMs...and when that happens, I stop the boat, turn off the engines and batteries for a minute, then start everything back up and that issue goes away (batteries must be turned off/on too...turning engines off/on by themselves doesn't seem to work) - Despite the above-mentioned problem, and regardless of if or when that happens, the response of the RPM’s on the port engine is ALWAYS very slow and climbs much slower than the starboard engine (I can floor the port engine throttle and it will take a good 10-20 seconds to even get to 3000 RPMs, whereas there's instant response with the starboard engine) - My port engine's oil pressure gauge starts to bounce around (i.e. 40 one second, then below 0 the next, then back up to 20, etc.) after running her for a half hour or so (there is plenty of 15/50 synthetic oil in the engine) Do you think these issues are related? Any idea what the cause(s) may be? Part of me thinks it may be electrical, otherwise why would cutting the engines and batteries off/on be a temporary fix? Could a bad oil sending unit be causing all these problems? Mike
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