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Found 9 results

  1. I have oil in my 244 Xtreme ski locker. What could cause that?
  2. Hey folks, my alarm (continious) stays on about 50% of the time after starting the engine for about 20 seconds after it cranks. Oil level is good, lower drive oil good, engine temp seems fine. I noticed the engine oil pressure gauge is about 45 when the engine starts then goes to about 60-70 when underway. My hunch is the oil sensor is malfunctioning as everything seems alright. I appreciate your thoughts. 2005 216 sunesta, 5.0 tks engine, 210 hours
  3. This really isn't that exciting, but I was excited when I found this lol. I was cleaning the bilge this past weekend because it was raining, and I kept putting a good bilge cleaning off. As I was cleaning it I came across a hose that I had no clue what it's purpose was: So I traced the hose, and it appears that Chaparral installed an oil drain hose to make oil changes easy! Ironically my brother just gave me a pump out hose from his previous Crownline. I guess I won't be needing that since I have this easy drain lol. Thanks Chaparral. Jake
  4. I know we have threads on here concerning oil and winter storage practices. Originally my boat was going to be stored in a climate controlled building. Temperature would never go below 50 degrees. So I contacted my local marina and had them do a complete winter storage maintenance on it (oil change with Mobil Synthetic, new filters, fuel stabilizer, and added coolant to the system to prevent corrosion). Well plans changed and I was not able to store it in a climate controlled environment. It was stored indoors; however, the facility was not climate controlled so the boat was exposed to freezing temperatures. I live in Western Pennsylvania and even though we didn't have a bad winter, we did have a lot of fluctuating periods where the temps would drop to freezing then go up to melting. This of course creates condensation which I know can be bad for motors and oil. My question is this: Should I have the oil changed again? I've found conflicting answers on other forums. Some people say no, and others say yes. I'd especially like to hear Wingnut's opinion on this topic since he seems to be the oil professor on these forums. Thank you. Jake
  5. Toddavid

    VP V8 380 C D

    Bought the VP official service manual for this engine, and was surprised to find no info on fluid specs or maintenance intervals. 1) what oil should I be using in this engine, and how much 2) where can I find maintenance info Thanks.
  6. Not sure what this proves but being that it is winter ...
  7. Hey everyone, I just recently purchased a 2007 256SSX with 8.1 Volvo and Douprop (125 hours).....Love the boat thus far but slightly concerned about something I saw while out on the water the other day. i'll clarify that i'm a newbie here, but hoping to get your help/opinions on where to start with this issue. When the boat was at idle and in neutral after a good 1-2 hours of driving, i started to notice small bubbles of either oil or P/S fluid, or possibly unburned fuel coming up from behind the swim platform...maybe 2 or 3 "bubbles" surfacing every couple seconds. I've had the boat out a few times before this and hadn't noticed it, but this was the first time out where i had ran it for an extended period of time. I'm trying not to freak out over this (yet), but wondering if anyone else has had this issue. The engine runs great, starts right up, pulls strong, and the power steering seems to function as intended. Aside from seeing these occasional bubbles that give off a rainbow slick (which each one dissapates in a matter of seconds) i wouldnt even know anything is potentailly wrong. If it's as simple as unburned fuel/carbon buildup, that's not as concerning, but curious if there are other specific places i should check for leaks. I'm going to head down to the slip after work and check oil and P/S levels but open ot any help/suggestions from you guys. Will get some pictures up soon, thanks guys, glad to be here. Dan
  8. Well, Miss Pura Vida is dry docked for a while following a strange incident 1/2 mile from the marina -- inbound, luckily. Was just finishing up a 20 mile round-tripper dinner outing to a downstream marina. Never got the tach above 3600 and had good instrument reads for the 3-4 hours we were on the water. I was on the threshold of my 20 hr break-in service at launch, hour meter had just clocked 21.9 and we were within sight of the boat launch when my wife said she heard a muffled "whumpf" in the engine compartment. It was dusk, so I came off plane and dropped to idle speed to full stop and opened the engine hatch. Quickly shined a light in and didn't see or hear anything strange so lowered the hatch and prepared to make way to the launch. At throttle up the engine service alarm went off ( that dude is loud as #$^%, let me tell you) so I quickly went to neutral and checked gauges, etc. noticed the oil gauge was jumping from 40 psi down to 15, back to 40. I eased the throttle to about 2000 and saw a familiar read of just over 50 or so so throttled on up to plane out and alarmed again. Dropped back to idle and saw the gauge jumping again. Looked back in the hatch, nothing smoking, no odors, nothing obvious in the bilge. Idled her to the dock so the Admiral could bring the trailer. Sat in the lagoon for 10 min at idle with no issues except obviously low oil pressure so I'm thinking, "well probably a quart low but due to the dealer next day for the 20 hr service interval so no biggie," I'd gone 3/4 low on my 4.3 MPI a few years ago and got the alarm, so didn't seem that odd to me. Recovered to trailer, put on straps, removed plug, nothing out of the ordinary so off we go home. Next morning I open the ski locker to take out a board and a tube before heading to the shop and whoa Nelly, I've got motor oil in the ski locker bilge under the mat. Crank up the engine hatch and got oil there, too. Check the drain plug and I've got residue in the threads and drippage on the rear roller under the bunks. Go back topside and check the dipstick - dry as a bone. Oil level was acceptable previous day prior to the launch and had good oil pressure reads until the " whumpf". Service manager scratched his head on this one and wondered aloud if I'd lost the engine filter from vibration an said they'd check it out. Today he called and said they'd been on the phone with Mercury Marine who said to fill it back up and run it to trace the leak. The theory at this moment is blown out rear main engine seal and they'll pull the power package tomorrow to look for it. Not too wild about this, to be honest. I have a 2001 Chevy Suburban with a 5.3L with 210,000 miles on it that started leaking at the rear main seal at 180,000. I'm having a hard time with a 350 MAG blowing a main seal and losing all engine oil at 21.7 hrs. And even if that's the issue, how to have confidence in it after repair? Love the boat. Very satisfied with Chaparral performance for 21.6 hours and 7 outings (so far). Been a satisfied Merc customer for 6 years with a 4.3 MPI / Alpha 1. Not sure what to make of this. Ideas?
  9. where can i purchase an oil sending unit online? 1993 chaparral 2050 SLC. 4.3 merc i/o
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