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Found 1 result

  1. Paul Chaplin


    Good Afternoon all, I currently have a 1996 2130 SS, which has a 5.7 vortec block with 4bbl carb. Alpha Gen2 1.47 ratio. The engine runs very smoothly and feels like it delivers a reasonable amount of HP. When I bought the boat I could feel a little soft patch near the helm station, a good price was negotiated. Any ways, I had a good year on the water (fresh) but the soft spot was niggling me. So the carpet go stripped out and holy crap. I can explain what it was ;like underneath. The deck had been repaired before, but the fiberglass had all de-laminated. I cut the deck out, cut back or replaced the stringers, fiberglassed everything in place, removed the foam and replaced it, and I tend to over engineer a little, so know i have a really solid floor and a good coating of epoxy on both sides. I didn't put carpet back down, going with a decent coat of paint and some non skid. It works well and does not hurt the feet. Now the boat sits higher in the water, (I did remove a lot of water under the deck), I feel like the prop is ventilating quite a lot as i approach WOT. I am running a 5 bladed Signature prob that I believe is 14.25 x 19P. (no markings but I used a calc and worked it out by measuring) WOT is 5000, top speed by GPS is 49MPH, 2 adults a cooler and 55 gallons of fuel. My questions are, what prop should I run, as I tend to do little watersports (a little tubing as the kids are still young) mainly to cruise along the lake, with the odd fast run. Has anyone put trim tabs on this boat, she is easy to trim, holeshot with the 5 bladed prop is quick and she gets on plane fast enough, but if you go from 3000 to 5000 you can feel and hear the prop break grip, so a little throttle back wait for it to bite and then dial in the revs progressively does the trick. But i would like it to be more linear. And does anyone know of a good aftermarket swim platform or a DIY plan? 4bbl v Fuel Injection (might as well throw that in) I love the boat, but just want to iron out a couple of little issues.