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Found 4 results

  1. Sorry for the extremely long post. I decided to share my project 11 months after starting. Ill try my best to stay up to date with were im at and keep my posts short and sweet. 0. Hi all, I just decided to share my restore project on here but i have been using this forum for help and ideas since i started working on the boat. I am a decent mechanic and have skills in construction and remodling. This is the first time i have ever worked on a boat at all and have only owned a little 120hp jet boat that i only took out a few times. Needless to say i am a newbie. The boat is a 84 Chaparral 172 with the 2.5l mercruiser 120. It was my wifes great grandpas boat and he passed away so her family asked me if i wanted it (and of course i said YESSS). I went to Maryland to pick it up in May of 2014. After rewiring the trailor and new tires i hauled it home. The boat was just sitting for about 10 years give or take. It was covered for about 8 and after the cover deteriorated it was uncovered for the remaining time. Other than seats that were removed because they were rotted many years ago, the boat was 100% complete including all paneling and teak pieces. My wifes grandpa had a lot of information about the history of the boat that he shared with me. The motor was winterized before it was parked and the fuel tank was emptied. getting the boat: After getting it home and doing some inspections of the boat i found a lot of things that it needed. I wasnt expecting a complete restore but thats what it is getting because of its condition. I made a list of everything the boat needed and things i had to buy. I ended up selling my little jet boat to pay for this project. I sat down and got everything i new i need only and the things like plywood i went and picked up at home depot. parts purchased: All the parts i can think of off the top of my head are: boat cover, 3/4" treated plywood for the floor, dog house and bow seats, 3/8" treated plywood for the side panels, epoxy water sealer, fiber glass mat and resin, brown and beige marine vinyl, padding for the vinyl, beige carpet, spray adhesive for carpet, beige and brown captain seats, brown jump seats, beige steering wheel, foam pad for bow seats and top of dog house, beige bimini top, switch panel, bilge pump, blower, transom lights, multicolor led light strips to run behind side panels and under dash, air horn, oil and filter, plugs and wires, electronic ignition, starter, carb rebuild kit, fuel filter, belt, battery, kenwood marine radio, boss 1600 watt amp, boss 3000 watt amp, 2 1gauge wiring kits for amps, 8 kicker marine 6" speakers, 2 12" kicker CVX subs (i know they arent marine subs but i will figure out how to water proof them when i get to it), 2 single sub boxes. im sure im forgetting something. And the fun begins: I started by ripping out all the side panels, dog house, parts of the seats that were still there, carpet and floor. Once the boat was stripped i checked out all the stringers and they were surprisingly all in great shape. I cut and epoxied the new floor and laid it in place so i could walk around. i then figured i needed to start on the motor. i put the new plugs, wires, electric ignition and starter on as well as change the oil and filter. then removed the carb and spent a few days rebuilding it (hopefully i did it correctly... fingers crossed) then put it back on. i had put oil in all the plug holes to loosen up the cylinders a couple weeks before i tried to turn the motor over. i finally got around to turning the motor by hand using the crank pulley. i was able to turn it over very easily using just a 9/16 wrench (I was very happy that it turned so easily after so many years of sitting). after all that i disconnected the gas tank so i didnt get any bad stuff in my clean carb, hooked up the battery and tried to crank it with the key. it didnt do anything on the first turn of the key except all the gauges that should be on were on. but i smelt something burning so i had to quickly disconnect the battery and find the problem. turns out old padding was sucked up in the blower and was causing it to short out. i changed the blower and bilge pump then tried again. this time i didnt crank for about 30 minutes after hooking up battery and turning the key to on to make sure nothing else was gonna start burning. when i cranked it all i got was a click so i charged the battery and got the same thing. thinking it might be a faulty starter i put the old one back on after bench testing to make sure it worked. now when i crank it i got a slight grinding noise then some clicking (scared me quite a bit). not sure what the grinding noise was so i pulled it off and checked the flywheel and apendix and both looked good. put it back on and tried to crank again. this time the starter engaged but was barely touching the flywheel i guess because as the starter turned, at what sounded like normal speeds, the belt on the moter was turning extremly slow everytime the start hit (maybe a 1/16 of a inch each time the starter hit. i pulled the starter back off and looked at the flywheel and abendix again and now the abendix shows signs of grinding on each end. my theory is that it needs to be shimmed because the abendix isnt engaging into the flywheel good enough to turn it. which is odd if that is the problem seeing as this is the old starter i am using so it should fit perfect. as far as the motor goes, this is were im at. during all the motor work i spent some time cutting out side panels and the dog house. its all cut out and now they just need to be epoxied, padded and vinyled. i also did a small amout of buffing on the outside to see if it would clean up and turns out the gel coat is in great shape and shines up nice. and this is were im at with the boat as of now. next to do: im going to try to get all the side panels and dog house epoxied and vinyled this weekend and spend some time on the starter issue as well. weather permitting. Any and all comments, ideas and advice is welcomed. I plan to take some more resent pics this weekend to more accurately show where im at with everything.
  2. We have a Chaparral 2006 Signature 280 There as been a fire in the interior cabin and it needs a complete restoration. Is there any suppliers that selles these parts?
  3. Hi, I have a 1985 178 boat that has a shot engine cover that needs to be reconstructed. Apparently there are no shop design drawings remaining that detail the size, shape, angles, etc for creating the structural pieces that make up the cover. The remains of the cover I have are in such bad condition that I cannot get any measurements of value. Has anyone out there done this restoration before and could supply specs and/or tips for the reconstruction? I sure would appreciate any information. Other parts in the boat that need replacement are in good enough condition that I can template from them, but the vinyl was the only thing holding the cover together! Thank you. not sure how this board works, so hopefully I will be notified if there is an answer to this post.
  4. jfith

    285 xlc

    I've recently been given a 285 xlc. I have started a restoration process and almost have the cabin done. does anyone have or know where to get photos of an assembled model that i could look at ?
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