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Found 6 results

  1. I just noticed a rusty residue coming from intake holes on my lower unit. Maybe I should be draining the outdrive each time I use it (but I don't). The boat is dry stored in my side yard. This boat only has 140 hours on it and it's a 2007 SSI 246, with a 350 Mag. Mercruiser Bravo III. I purchased it with 110 hours on it and have used it 10 times in the last 6 months. I use it in fresh water and, so I'm told, so did the previous owner. I did just have it serviced (yearly service). And it wasn't showing this rust before the service. Is this something I should be concerned with?
  2. Hey All, I'm still a newbie - 2nd season on my first boat - a 2010 Chaparral 216 with a Volvo-Penta 5.0 GXIC-J with dual prop with about 150 hours on the original engine. The boat is wonderful, but I having a problem that I just can't seem to figure out. The starter is rusting around the drive end, which eventually prevents the Bendix drive from engaging the flywheel during starting. I don't believe there has ever been a high water event before I bought the boat (it has always been stored on a trailer). The previous owner installed a black mooring cover in 2016, and replaced the st
  3. Hello I have a 1990 2350 7.4L mercruiser and the starter has been acting up. One day I went out to the lake and got ready to take the boat off the trailer and it wouldn’t start just kept hearing a click click click. Luckily I didn’t untether the winch and I was able to load it back on the trailer and pull over to the side and evaluate the situation. After removing the doghouse I turned the motor by hand with a breaker bar and socket on the balancer and I was able to loosen the motor up a little bit it finally cranked up. Launched the boat and had a great day on the water I cut it on and of
  4. Hey guys, I’m a old school diesel guy and new here on the forum...Can anyone identify this part and what I’m up against to get replaced? I could really use some advice on this...I was crawling around in the engine compartment replacing bilge vent hose when I saw thiis rusted out arm on my newly purchased 2001 freshwater 260 Signature with 5.7 L efi and Bravo lll w 245 hrs, it’s the only place I’ve seen any significant rust...I was just fixing to have the 300 hr service...Any advice would be greatly appreciated, I’m guessing my maiden voyage this week is canceled....
  5. The condensate from the AC unit is very rusty in my 310, and I'm planning on pulling the unit out soon to fix the rusty pan. Anyone have any experience with this job and have any pointers on removal and permanent rust repair?
  6. The 90* and flat angle brackets which hold the gas rods which hold up the port/starboard swim platform lockers/coolers are rusted badly. Funny, they are the only thing not stainless on the boat. Are these brackets available for purchase so I can replace them? Do I have to replace the rods? Or do they dismount from the brackets?
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