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Found 6 results

  1. Its done. I'm very happy with how it turned out. I had one issue that I noticed doing the ski locker lid. I could see the bird head telegraphing through. I have to catch it at just the right angle to see it. I'm not terribly worried about this one, but I didn't want it for the swim platform. My first idea was bondo, but after talking with TJ at Gatorstep I decided against it. I decided to use epoxy to get rid of the logo on the swim platform. Its just some Loctite 5 minute epoxy. I spread it out with a 6" putty knife, and let it cure for a couple hours. There's no trace of it left. Just some other shots The install was really pretty easy. I spent about half as much time installing it as I did templating it.
  2. I'm looking to replace the black plastic swim deck pad on my 2009 196 SSi. My initial search of the web for existing replacement alternatives was largely unsuccessful as it seems no one offers pre-cut pads specific for this model/year. However, I recently discovered through some additional online research/sluthing/emails that both Seadek and TT marine (Aqua Trac) do indeed have templates for the 196 SSi Wide Tech. While I have yet to hear back from Gatorstep whether they have the template or not, I would like to know if anybody here has ordered pre-cut swim deck pad from any of these companies for the 196 SSi WT? I understand Seadek and Gatorstep use the same eva foam material, but I would like to know how this compares to the Aqua Trac offered by TT marine? I would appreciate any comments. Ron
  3. Attached is my review of the SeaDek flooring installed by Contemporary Marine in Spokane WA. Check it out! (I am not associated with this business in anyway other than a satisfied customer) --Rob
  4. Original owner of my 2014 264 Sunesta installed Seadek on the swim platform but covered the oval shaped vent. In choppy conditions, the platform will really slap the water hard, I'm sure opening up that vent will lessen stress a lot. Anyone have close up photos of the vent with Seadek installed? I'm not sure if I should cut exactly around the profile of the cover or overlap it a bit and capture a lip of the Seadek between vent cover and the platform. This is definitely a measure twice, cut once job.
  5. I just finished installing Seadek on my 350. Installation took about 3 hours. The custom ordering process took about 3 months.
  6. From the album: Soul Polisher

    Thanks to your suggestions this was a snap and affordable. Thanks for your help everyone.
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