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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, I’ve been reading threads on this topic and have been trying to diagnose the problem I’m having with my 2002 Monterey 2228SS. It has a mercruiser 5.0 MPI with a bravo 3 sterndrive. I’ve had it for a number of years with about 300 hours on it. The issue I’m having is it struggles to engage in forward after using reverse. If I don’t use reverse it works perfectly. I trailer the boat, push it out without using reverse and will have no issues. Not using reverse has taught the kids to get the ski rope quickly... no lollygaggng when the boat won’t wait for you. If I use reverse, it smoothly goes in gear and back to neutral but will stay in neutral when I go to idle forward. After playing with the throttle a bit and reving up ( I know, not good), I can coax it back into fwd. with the right touch, without a clunk on the clutch cone. What I’ve done so far from reading previous threads...changed out the gear lube (high performance) and bought a cable tool to check the position. When this problem first started occurring I did find that the pin holding the shift cable was missing. I thought that may have caused the cable to misalign and put a pin in place... sadly, it wasn’t that simple fix. I am wondering if it is the shift arm that may be bent. Everything works great when I don’t use reverse so thinking the clutch cone is working and it is just not getting positioned right when transferring from Reverse back into Fwd. My questions... 1. Any other thoughts on my diagnosis? 2. If I drain the lube oil and take the top cover plate off, is there any way to confirm this diagnosis? I’m not sure what the arm is supposed to look like - any advice on what I should be seeing when the cover is off to help with the diagnosis? 3. If I do need to replace the shift arm, can this be done without taking the drive off? This forum has helped me diagnose and resolve issues in the past but I’ve never pulled the drive off before...I’m on the fence about taking that mechanical leap. Any help is appreciated. From the older threads I’ve read I know there is some veteran, sage advice. thanks.
  2. Ed

    2017 337 SSX

    new to this site, i enjoy all the topics and hope someone can shed some light on our dilemma . I purchased a new 2017 337 SSX last year, we have encountered some control issues and was wondering if anyone has ever had the same issues or heard of them. about a month into our new boat we lost shifting control on the port side engine where the engine was stuck in neutral. it happened after leaving a fuel dock, we were in open water and able to get back on one engine. the dealer repaired it and all was fine with the shifting. Fast forward one year and we lost the same shifting control, where it would not go in reverse or neutral and stayed in forward . unfortunately this occurred when coming into our marina and was the cause of an accident. after securing the boat i found that the port side engine, while (shifter) in neutral was actually stuck in forward and actually started in forward gear! i have been boating for 40 years, 6 boats and never experienced anything like this. We are working with the dealer who has been trying to get Chap and merc. to weigh in. But we have have lost all faith in this boat.It was a traumatic experience for the people on board and in our marina. Boats don't have brakes! I don't think its too much to expect your new boats controls to function properly. Mercruiser said they have this same set up on thousands of boats and never had this happen before. so i figured i'd reach out to the forum to ask. I was told the volvo set up was the same.besides the fact that we could not stop the boating time , what really bothered men was that the boat could start in gear. i don't believe any of my outboards or inboards would start in gear and would think with modern technology some type of safety would prevent a boat from starting in gear. very frustrated and disappointed!
  3. Looking for some advice from someone that may have had this issue. I purchased a boat and then moved to another state. The boat is only a year old and the shifter is not working. Boat wont go into reverse when you shift into reverse it acts like its in neutral and just revs up. I called the local dealership and they all but told me they did not work on the volvo penta and only sold merc products and so they could not help. I would think given my warranty is with Chaparral they are responsible for fixing it one way or the other. Any suggestions???
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