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Found 5 results

  1. Benda23

    Noisy water pump

    So all of a sudden our water pump will come on for about a second then go off. Before the only time you would hear it would be if you turned on the water. Now probably every two minutes it come on for a quick second When no one is using water. Also when we got on the boat today I heard a low motor noise and discovered it was the water pump when I open the faucet it tricked out until it charged the lines and the the low motor sound stopped. Have any of you experienced that. Wondering if the pump is going
  2. Benda23

    Mercruiser fault codes

    So I added the Bluetooth VesselView mobile to my engine because I would get a random beep while out and couldn’t figure out what it was. The app is awesome in all the detail it gives you. It did show two fault codes I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions the first is 1012-25 engine or trim position : the input circuit for the sensor is below the valid limit the 2nd is 901-5 short term fuel trim starboard : the signal received is valid but is lower than the expected range everything operates fine but I would like to get them fixed any suggestions appreciated
  3. Benda23

    Starboard engine won’t start

    So I just got the boat delivered from nj to Lake Erie and in its slip. Went to take it out again and can’t get the starboard engine to start. I replaced the batteries. When I turn the key I can hear the fuel injection engage but the neutral light does not come on and the starboard engine won’t trim either. When I turn key to start I get 6 beeps but no turnover. The port engine works fine. Any suggestions
  4. My boat is missing the 2 pistons on the stern compartments for shore power / battery switches. I bought one and it snaps right on, and seems to function fine but you can't shut the door all the way with the piston attached. Am I missing something?
  5. nickal

    Current Gen Sig 330 Owners

    New owner of a 2014 signature 330 and I have a few questions for current owners of this newer generation 330. · For the water intake valves in the engine compartment for the generator and AC. Is open in the 12 position or 3 position for all the valves in the engine bay · I'm keeping the boat in a dry covered rack. Should I close the AC and Generator water intakes before storing or leave them open? On the batteries, when they are in the off position and I’m using shore power are they are still charging or do I need to hit a switch or something to charge them. · On the toilet overboard discharge valve where its physically located and in what position is on/off · On generator and AC system, can I run them while under power and if so do I need to be concerned about trim to make sure I have adequate cooling and water flow? · I'm told there are two strainers for the AC and for the generator on each side of the engine. How often do I need to check these? Has anyone made use of the under the Ttop space. Boat has limited storage so was just wondering Lastly how have you like the boat thus far and what issue/problems should I look out for. Our boat was surveyed in Bristol condition and looks new with 212 hours and maintained very well. Looking forward to the replies and than you in advance...