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Found 53 results

  1. Hello All, I've decided to take fixing my boat into my own hands after a long list of failures by the dealer and mechanics. Up until about two years ago my 2013 310 signature has been running and working fine. After about two years of on and off neglect, it ended up having a gear oil leak and growth on the engines and hull, it needed to be hauled and fixed up. So far two mechanics have attempted to fix the enormous issues with this boat to no success. We've spent over 40,000 to have two drives replaced, on parts and labor. Then we got hit with a surprise 8000 bill for the boatyard while the mechanics lazily worked on the boat for nearly a year. Currently the boat is back together and will run in guardian mode. After being uncovered while in the boat yard for a year, the Garmin GPS and VHF no longer work. AS for the engines: All of the sensors are going wild on the port engine. and an occasional sensor on the starboard side. The mechanic has stated that all of the sensors are wrong, the oil is fine, the coolant and sea water pump are both okay as well. On the off chance that it isn't in guardian mode it will get up on plane and up to 33 knots. But nearly the entire time we can't go above 6 knots, can't get on plane, and the engine alarms are sounding the entire time. The mechanic claims to have replaced all sensors with no success. He is saying crazy theories about how it may have been struck by lighting and the wiring system is all messed up. Current overall issues with the boat: The engine sensors / boat won't get on plane / limited to 5-7 knots issue. (stuck in guardian mode) The toilet won't flush, the light in the head is always red and never green. (I suspect the vacuum pump is broken) The bilge pump float isn't operational, the pump itself works when activated from the helm, but not via float. The air conditioner will run in fan mode but never gets cold in AC mode, also appears to have mold on the return vent. The generator will not run at all. Has been serviced with tune up, oil change, sparks, carb etc. The shore power seems to be messed up. I have had four separate 30A-shorepower-cords catch fire at the lighthouse connection on three separate docks. (this first happened during the first month of ownership, unrelated to the neglect, the dealer was also of no help.) The rear storage hatch pops up when hitting waves and the boat bounces, it seems the latch can't hold it. The gas indicator gauge doesn't work. On one engine or another, one or more of the following are non- or malfunctioning: Trim, battery voltage, oil, rpm. The GPS won't turn on The VHF won't turn on. The engine hatch won't open. Every time I try to use hatch it will move up extremely slowly and the pop the breaker after 3-4 seconds. eventually I will get open enough to fit in, but takes about an hour. Both radio remote controls are non functioning, look water / sun damaged. The seats are all sun damaged. (the boat was left uncovered with engine hatch open for at least six months we suspect. The water smells gross / moldy after several flushings with fresh water. The middle glass hatch to walk-up through, flew off while underway. I was wondering where to purchase a new one? The screws holding the hardtop to the support rails bounce out while underway. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I love the boat, want to keep using it and start taking it to The Bahamas, if it could be trusted. I can't afford to hire too many more repairmen and none of them can seem to be trusted. I'm pretty handy myself and would rather money go to repairs than labor whenever possible. Please let me know any other info or media which may be helpful. Best, and thank you!
  2. Hey Everyone, I'm new to the forum, but have had my 2005 Chaparral 350 Sig for two seasons now. Over the winter, I will be updating the tired dash panels and gauges on my helm and am looking for advice and inspiration to help update the look. Here are my projects: (1) Determine whether I should refresh the existing gauges through Faria or replace them with new gauges (2) Source new, old stock or custom dash panels, which will be hydrodipped with woodgrain look - color TBD. (3) Considering upgrading the cheap SS steering wheel I put on last year with the current gen 270 Signature steering wheel. Not sure who I can order this through or how much it'll cost. (4) Considering replacing my Raymarine E80 unit with a newer, touchscreen model that also has Fusion stereo control. I appreciate any advice I can get! Jason Pawelsky 'Nauti Escape' Minneapolis, MN
  3. I just bought a 1996 signature 240. It came with a full enclosed camper top but its in very rough shape. All the zippers and seams and hanging on by only a couple of threads. All of the frame work is in great shape but i do believe i will need to replace the canvas. Does anyone know the best way to go about this? I like the idea of the full enclosure but i really would only require the bimini portion. Can i just buy canvas specific for my framework, or does it have to be the whole deal? Any help and advice would be appreciated.
  4. The bilge pump of the sumpbox is dead. After removing the pump I realized that there is a power failure as well. The pump is dead and blocked. This may have burned a fuse. I don't find any. Any suggestions?
  5. Is there just one chilled air outlet at the 2008 Signature 290 with factory opted A/C? I can't find the air handling in any PDF... Where do the cold air hoses run to?
  6. I ordered the replacement p66 transducer and found a manual for the dsm250 in with my Raymarine C80 Manuals, does anyone know where this unit would be mounted? I have the wiring for the old transducer I can trace but after it comes in the boat it looks like it is fed in with a zillion other cables into the front somewhere. Any advice or help would rock Jeff 2004 chaparral 330 signature
  7. I recently bought a Signature 290 of 2008. I will do some changes before starting the boating season. We decided to change the regular setting of 30ft anchor chain plus rope to 175-200ft of 5/16" polished stainless chain. Will there be enough room for the chain at the locker?
  8. I have a leak coming from the water lines underneath my sink in the head. Does anyone know how to access the waterlines in the head on a Signature 270?
  9. Benda23

    HVAC Question

    When I run the heat or air conditioner when it reaches temperature it turns off the compressor but it still runs a fan circulating air. Is that normal? Seems like it would make more sense to turn off completely until the thermostat calls for heat or a/c
  10. Can the Chaparral folks weigh in with response here? We are the second owner of a 2010 Signature 310. It’s like it doesn’t exist though because there isn’t an owner manual or a parts guide on this site for the 2010 Signature 310. Was it a half year or something? The redesign shows up in the 2011 model year on here, but the 2010 seems to not exist. What gives?
  11. Benda23

    Water tank

    When I hook up to water at the dock. Does that fill the on board water tank or does that just bypass the tank
  12. Well after 4 years with my 215ssi I took the plunge and bought a 330 Signature to explore the beautiful Puget Sound! I have been searching and reading up on this boat from the forum, and have gotten tons of info. I do have a couple questions identifying some things and the old boat owner isn't the best and communication so thought I would try here. Does anyone know what these are? Also any ideas or suggestions on how you organize your cabin and mount a grill Thank you in advance, Jeff
  13. Benda23

    Signature 330

    I am in the process of purchasing a 2012 Signature 330 that had one engine riser and manifold done last year, and I want to have the other done before I have it shipped to me. Was wondering what is a estimate of the price for doing just one engine. I want them to use OEM parts
  14. Hello. Where can I get the service manual for a 2007 chaparral 270 signature that has a volvo penta engine ? I am new to chaparrals, owned a yamaha jetboat before. Best Amar
  15. Hello all, it’s been a long time since I posted something on here! I hope everybody had a great boating season. We still have our 350 and still loving it! however, I notiaced that our “wood” floor in the galley is now coming unglued in the middle, so it is flexing when you step on it. It’s somewhat annoying. Does anybody have encountered the same issue? Or did anybody removed that section before and how? Thank you all in advance! Chris
  16. Because there are not many sub-forums for boat modeal types here, and I have found some great information buried from long lost members, I wanted to try and gather good info for '03 and thereabouts Sig 260 owners to one thread. Older posts will be linked to so you won't have to go dig 45 pages deep to find them, and I welcome postings from current members who have something to share. In my experience the web is pretty quiet about some of the things I have looked for. If we share what we learn with each other we can save time to spend on the water! Some of you have been great help to me, and I thought, we can't have the knowledge so difficult to find when the next person comes along, and if it is all together in one place, so much the better! With that, I will start taking pictures and making my posts in this thread. Calling Sig 260 Owners!
  17. Par


    Help please, I have a sig 350 from 2006, I can't find forward bilge. Suggestions please.
  18. Here we go again! Generator would run 5 minutes and stop. Replaced fuel filter, overheating switch, plugs, impeller, and still same issue. Today I replaced the low oil pressure switch and surprise!!! Opaque brown oil! Remind be the dipstick, and et voila! Fuel in the oil!!! So, what say you? fuel pump, carb or rings?? thank you all as usual.
  19. Purchased a fixer upper 1992 Chaparral Signature 28 at auction a little over a year ago. I have been working on the engines Volvo Penta 431B's and outdrives AQ290dp in my free time(what there is of it), and hope to take it out next weekend to McPhee Reservoir. I plan to use it primarily on Lake Powell during Spring, and Fall. McPhee Reservoir during the summer. I have used this forum for information on Chap. boats, and must say I think I purchased a diamond in the rough for $4900. Looking forward to getting to know some of you in the area(not many, but noticed a few posters are in the Southwest). Will post photos when I figure out how to make file sizes small enough to attach. Just installed a new plow anchor today, and am working on the freshwater system(a few leaks still to find).
  20. So here we go again. My generator stops running. I have a clean strainer, and I have replaced the fuel filter, the spark plugs, the impeller and the overheating switch. I have good water flow but it just quits after 5 minutes What gives? thank you all for your input.
  21. Happy new year to you all! I hope 2017 brings you a great boating season! I'm also looking for advice, I just replaced my fresh water pump, it runs smooth and much quieter than the old one, but it keeps running while I'm running water. Shouldn't it pressurize and stop "humming"? thank you and again happy and safe new year. Chris
  22. Hello y'all. I hope everybody had a great Turkey day! Maybe even took their boat out! The time has come for us to replace the VHF radio. I have a Raymarine VHF 215 right now. I am looking for a suitable replacement. VHF218 maybe? Should I stay with Raymarine, if I switch to something else than Raymarine, should I be concern with any of the wiring and connections? Thank you for your input!
  23. Ok! What a weekend! 1st we blew another cranck shaft seal on the generator. My fault. Dirty strainer. But, now my one year old vacuflush is not sealing, so it's constantly running, my water pump won't stop running, I think I have air in the system, and today my holding tank shows full although it's empty and my macerator pump may be done too!!! I'm just really ticked off right now!!! i also have water coming in in the head, I assume while under way, underneath the sink, in the little storage that holds the toilet paper. This baffles me quite frankly. 2nd Edit; so now I have water in my mid cabin bilge, and sand. That's new! And now the water pump is running constantly and I have lost water pressure at the faucet. So that was the weekend!!! How exciting:-(
  24. Hello y'all. Quick question: has anybody removed the "big" TV on the aft wall right above the aft cabin on Signature 350? Because for the life of me, I can't figure out how that thing is affixed to the wall. Thank you y'all.
  25. Hello y'all, tried to drop anchor and windlass was inoperable. I replaced the 2 foot switches that were old and dried up. Today, I pushed on the windlass button and the breaker popped. Does anybody have encountered similar issue? i'm thinking solenoid? Thank you all as always
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