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Found 8 results

  1. Twa1969

    Ski Pylon

    Can anyone share some photos of a Removable ski pylon on a SunCoast? I have a 2018 and would like to have one installed. Has anyone had any issues?
  2. Impulse purchases. Some buy candy bars or lottery tickets, I'm buying a boat. I'm new to the boating world, and will appreciate the wisdom and information of this forum. That said, here's the boat story: A few weeks ago, I saw a 1994 Chaparral 1830 SST Sport with a 4.3L l6 MerCruiser in my friend's yard and said: "ooh, who's boat?" The response was jokingly "wanna buy it?" And then I thought about it. And that was a mistake. Unfortunately, my response due to my "thinking" was not: "haha, nooo- I have way too many protects already." It was instead: "how much?" Long story short, I'm looking at a 203hp ski boat with cosmetic issues, some hull surface damage on the side from a dock collision, and the need for a comb-through tune-up. It ran last season which encourages me, and is a solid boat overall in my opinion. Most of the issues are cosmetic. Right now, I want to clean it, comb through the engine and maintenance points, and pull the carpet to examine the wood. I will be doing everything I can myself to save money. And I'll certainly appreciate help received. I will eventually start a new thread to document my progress and engage in discussion. Though I have zero boating experience, I am fairly mechanically inclined and have worked with epoxy before. I love learning new things and diving into unknown projects, so here we are! So how much did I pay? Well, that's yet to be determined. However, there have been numbers thrown out, and they seem reasonable to me- even the trailer is included which is a must for me. I really just wanted to introduce myself today and thank you for the join. A question today is regarding how much of a deal am I getting on this boat. Well, it looks as though it may be between $500 and $700. I offered $500 today and it is being legitimately considered. So is $500 a deal? What are thoughts on this boat and trailer? From what I've seen, this boat looks pretty good in terms of reputation of brand and product quality. I think I'm going to love it, and I am cognizant of challenges to come... I just don't want to be throwing money away. Thoughts? Thanks for your response and allowing me to join.
  3. Hi all. We have put a deposit down on a Vortex 203 VRX. We will be doing an on-water test next week and hopefully finalizing the purchase. I have a question for all the 203 owners out there with the single Rotax 250 HP engine. Is it enough to pull a medium sized slalom skier up from a deep-water start? I'm much more interested in fuel economy than going super fast...but I do need it to have enough grunt to pull a skier out of the water. My dealership is telling me that the Rotax will supply plenty of power...but I'm not convinced. I spent 15 years skiing behind a Bayliner with a 135 HP I/O prop set-up. It had barely enough power to ski behind...I know 250 is a lot more but then I've read that jet HP is not equivalent to prop HP...is this true? I would normally just get in the water and test it out for myself...but we are several months away from warm enough weather up North to even attempt getting wet. And I don't think the break-in restriction programming would even allow us to get up to ski speeds for the first 10 hours anyways.
  4. I have a 2016 H20 sport 21' and in the ski storage locker located between the captain and passenger seat will not drain. There is a drain in the aft wall however the problem is that the fuel tank is pushed up so close to the drain hole that it prevents any water from exiting into the bilge. I have contacted Chaparral about this and they sent me an email with pictures of how to fix. They show to drill a hole in the locker floor board just in front of the hole on the wall and that should do it. However, I have drilled into the floor 3 1/2" and it did not open up. I did not want to drill any deeper. Its so frustrating and now I have a 3" deep hole in my locker. Has anyone else had this problem? It appears that someone didn't take the time to make sure the tank was moved back away from the hole. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. At the risk of asking a foolish question, can someone tell me the best way to tow inflatables on our 277? We have the arch which the owner manual states can be used for boarding and skiing, but NOT towing. It says to tow from the back, but with no further information. I don't see any true tow point on the back, no pylon, hook, etc. There is a small (I mean small) welded 'T' on the grab rail near the waterline. But it seems too small and fragile - and also very low - to be used for towing. So I'm not even sure what that is, exactly? Kids want to get going already, but I'm hesitant to damage the boat. Any thoughts or experience with this? Thanks in advance -
  6. I just bought my first boat and did not know what to look for. Once I started playing around with all the issues I noticed the previous owner had covered up the ski locker where the fuel sending unit is located. I'm ready to drill in and access port but I'd like to make it right over top of the sending unit and only drill one hole. Could somebody please help me out locating this on a 1994 1830 SS? Not only is the gas gauge now working but the water temp gauge doesn't work either. Must be the gauge our wiring sense I replaced the sender. Any help with pictures or measurements would be greatly appreciated.
  7. is there an easy way to swap ropes on the VR 223 tower? With the Bimini up, it is a tough trick leaning over bimini edge, stepping over the gunwale and looping the rope. help? there must be an easy extension, or I am missing something obvious, thanks! - from beautiful Smith Mountain Lake
  8. is there an easy way to swap ropes on the VR 223 tower? With the Bimini up, it is a tough trick leaning over bimini edge, stepping over the gunwale and looping the rope. help? there must be an easy extension, or I am missing something obvious, thanks! - from beautiful Smith Mountain Lake
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