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Found 10 results

  1. Where do I find information about my 2019 246 SSi stereo and speakers? One of the speakers hasn't worked since we bought the boat in July 2020. Asked the dealership to order for us and today they've told me they need the serial number from our stereo? I can not find a serial number anywhere on the stereo or on the display.
  2. I have 6 Stock Panasonic 6.5" speakers with Stainless Chaparral Grill. If anyone is interested, make me an offer. I have pics, images are too large to upload.


    I just want to say thanks to all for answering my questions. You guys have been right on with every answer and have helped tremendously. Thant being said, I just bought wake-board speakers for my 2012 287 SSX. The mounting brackets are for a tubular arch and mine is flat. The speaker company does not make a mount for the flat arch? Anyone with any experience with this situation? I am all ears.
  4. Ill tell you my current set up first: 2013 Sunesta 284, "Premium" speaker upgrade, Wetsounds Rev 8 Tower Speakers, Wet Sounds HT6 1000 watt amp. All of my speakers are wired through the amp. I still just dont like the overall sound of the "premium" speakers. My 2 questions are as follows: 1.What brand speaker is considered "premium" from Chaparral? 2. Will there be a noticeable difference upgrading the 4 cockpit speakers to Wet Sounds XS650, and upgrading the sub? I have tuned my amp to where I want it to be but still not overly impressed. Thanks for your time.
  5. I have had my 215 SSI for 6 years now, never really been happy with the standard audio system, particularly while cruising, standard speaker placement in the cuddy didnt help. I decided to disconnect the two speakers in the cuddy as we spend most time outside the cuddy. Thanks to DAVECS1 for the idea to mount them on the engine cover, installed the other two up front near the driver and at the cuddy door. I installed the four Polk MM615UM 6.5" speakers after reading great reviews. I could have simply wired in the old head unit and would have had a good improvement @ 50w/ch. Wanting to take it to another level, I install the Polk MM1040UM 10" Sub near the ice fridge door. I used the Polk Pad50005 Amplifier to help bring the new speakers alive. Was happy to find the USB cable just sitting behind the head unit, now have this fed just inside the cuddy on the shelf. Far better option than CD's. Mounted the remote Sub level under the dash, thats really handy when an audio track comes on with too much bass. Now that its all done, the sound is really amazing. Think I will find someone with an oscilloscope so I can ensure the sub is not clipping. Have used the voltmeter method but not sure if its right. Cant wait to get the boat out on the water this summer. Here are the pics http://s377.photobucket.com/user/geoffconnor/slideshow/Boating/Boating%20Audio%20Upgrade
  6. Can someone please provide the speakers size on H2O with upgraded sound (upgraded to Clarion CMD2). Are they 6.5", 7.7", 8.8"? Or, if you other model but upgraded the sound, what's the speaker size on your boat? Thank you
  7. I want to upgrade the stereo system in my 2004 210 SSI. I have 4 JL MX650 speakers that I haven't installed yet. Need to also choose an amp and sub and not sure where to install the amp or cut in the sub - any recommendations on location for these? I am thinking about the JL 10" sub ($200) and the JL M600/6 amp ($530)..? The wiring kit from the battery to the head unit is about 20' (or less) and is pricey ($200). I have $320 in the speakers. So looking at about $1,250 for everything. As always this is more than I had originally planned to spend but I want to do it right. If anyone has good alternatives to what I was thinking as well as recommended sub and amp install locations please let me know. Thanks, Eric
  8. I only have two speakers currently and am going to redo my (original) sound system. Underneath the dash there are wires labeled front right, front left, rear left, and rear right. This is odd considering I only have two speakers wired in. Is my boat prewired for two more speakers in the rear?
  9. Need a little input here. I just installed a new Pioneer DVD/App Radio Headunit down in the galley. I put the amps located in the closed in the aft cabin. Still trying to figure out what to do with the subs. I definitely want them in the cockpit. I have 2 JL Audio 10W7's so needless to say I want to be heard on the water, however I'm trying not to install/attach them directly to the boat like I did in my last boat. I had some of those free air Fosgate 12's that I put behind the seats mounted directly to the fiberglass, on my 275 Crownline. They slammed but so did the rest of the boat, rattling all kinds of stuff apart, no bueno. So still want the big bass without big problems. Secondly, I ran the power cable from positive terminal to another battery located in the closet with the speakers for the purpose of stil being able to be charged, kind of trying to trick the charger into thinking It's one battery. The charger is more than capable, its a nice Charles E. Lead 60 AMP 3 bank charger. Let me know if there are any implications as to why or how this wont work. Thanks for your time.
  10. I have a ski tower with Infinity speakers. The sound on the entire system is great until I turn on the ignition, at which time I hear a low but constant humming noise coming out of the tower speakers. It must be s short or a ground missing somewhere but I cannot find it. All of the other speakers work fine. Any suggestions?
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