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Found 10 results

  1. The suspect: 2011 267 SSX 377mag 6.2L Engine ID 1A621151 I've been experiencing an intermittent engine shut down while operating at either idle speed and/or cruise speed. The only consistency with the failure is it typically occurs after 15-20 minutes of operation, once took as long as an hour (of heavy use) to occur. Twice I have a noticed a bucking/ hesitation, literally seconds before shut down, but only twice. Furthermore, the condition does not seem to represent itself while only idling in my slip, as I've left it running at idle and high idle twice for 30 minutes each session with no issues. When it does shut down the boat has restarted immediately twice, however, typically it takes another 20-30 minutes to restart. Boat runs like a top when it does run! Not once have I heard any alarms and there's no info on the data display for active failures. I am awaiting a marine tech to connect a scan tool to see if the PCM is storing anything? Do boats log run cycles so a tech could obverse data points that may be dropping off when the boat fails- I haven't been able to get a straight answer on this? The boat has been out on the water operating flawlessly for the last month of continuous use until this has happened! Marinas here in NH are so busy I'm afraid I could be out of commission for a while now, especially with how intermittent this issue is! Thank you all in advance for any and all help! What I've tried: - Swapped fuel relay with known good relay while not starting- no change. - Installed an ignition control module (only the ICM, coil visually appeared to be in good condition- no signs of cracks or arcing), one time while not starting I tapped the ICM and it restarted immediately. However the next day that proved to not be the fix. - Full ignition tune up, cap rotor plugs wires installed last season. - IAC replaced last season due to failure. - New fuel filter in cool fuel module, but did not replace the discs because I found out about these after installing the fuel filter. After replacement I filled tank with 40gal of fresh fuel with marine 360 for peace of mind. Furthermore, the history I have on the boat, the fuel module TSB for paint delamination (Bulletin # 2016-01) has been completed. But now I've discovered TSB #2009-01 for replacement of the Gen III fuel module but it doesn't describe a run condition that would be present? I'd always thought a fuel pump either works or doesn't? - And finally, I've checked and rechecked every single connector/ ground inside the engine bay. -Johhny
  2. Ordering a new SSX 277 and have choice of Mercruiser 8.2 380 and Volvo 6.2 380 both digital. Never been a merc fan but do seem to have some new improvements HELP
  3. I'm having trouble with my power steering (I think). The wheel is easier to turn when the boat is off. When I turn it on, it is very difficult to steer. The power steering cylinder looks a little old and the pump is original on my 2008. How can I tell if it's one vs. the other? I have plenty of power steering fluid and the pump does turn on the belt. The parts are expensive, so I don't want to replace both if I don't have to. 2008 Chaparral 276 SSX Volvo Penta 8.1 GXi Thanks, Ben
  4. 2016 model. The refrigerator never seems to get cold. Should it or are my expectations too high.
  5. Hey, I've got a 2017 227SSx with a Surf Gate that has been very temperamental. When it works, the wave to surf is sweet but that's only been about 20% of the time lately. It won't calibrate entirely either. Anybody have similar troubles and find a solution? Thanks.
  6. Hi folks - Just purchased a 2013 277 SSX from down south (I'm in the northeast). Putting on the bimini cover, I see two hanging plastic buckles (aft) that don't seem to connect anywhere. But they hang directly at head height, which is obviously not intended. I'm thinking maybe I'm missing some straps that connect it to the arch to snug it down? Can't find anything online, and pics aren't detailed enough to make it out. Any help appreciated. Thanks
  7. Hi, I'm new to this forum. I just traded a 246 SSI for a 277 SSX and I want the same bow ladder on the 277 that I had on the 277. The 277 has the windlass anchor, but it also has the cutout on either side of the bow anchor compartment for the legs of a ladder to fit into when it is extended. Anyone know if this is an option on the 277? Chuck
  8. I recently purchased a 2008 Chaparral 256 SSX. I am needing to order a missing part but having a hard time locating the part number in the downloadable owner's manual. It also doesn't seem to be one of the parts not pictured. There is a hole in the middle of the underside of the radar arch as if it is missing a cap or other accessory. Can anyone direct me with a part number and/or information in getting that replaced? Thanks.
  9. I've heard a rumor that the 287 ssx will undergo a major re-design for the model year 2013... I was told it would resemble the 327 in many ways. Anyone else hear this? I've got mixed feeling if this is true. I really like the lines of the current 287, oval tru-haul exhaust and smooth contoured swim platform. Don't get me wrong, I like the look of the 327, but like the older ssx lines better. The 327 seem to have taken on a lot of the "Sunesta" lines (minus the pickle fork bow)... Guess it was inevitable though, the 276/287 has remained relatively unchanged since its debut in '06 (besides the dash and gauge clusters update in '08).....
  10. Hi - I am hoping to join the Caparral community after years of (some would say misguided) Sea Ray ownership. I am in the market to buy either a 276 SSI or SSX (depending on price!) ideally with volvo penta. The boat will be operated in SW Florida, but towing a reasonable distance to get it there need not be a barrier. Any help with my search out there? Many thanks
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