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Found 26 results

  1. I am looking to upgrade my existing stereo on my 2012 287 SSX I purchased am amp and looking to get new speakers. Anyone know if they are 6.5 or 8"? I looked at parts manual and it does not say The boat is at my shore house and won't be there until Memorial Day Also can the aluminum arch accept wakeboard speakers? My arch is white and I can't find a matching touch up paint? Will take any help I can get. Thx
  2. BestKeptSecret

    Upgrading sounds system on 2005 Sig 31

    Looking for some sound advice! Just purchased a 2005 31 Signature and I am looking to upgrade the sound system. More specifically, the head unit, remotes (helm/transom) and speakers on the sides of the arch. I would also like to add a amp, sub-woofer and two exterior speakers somewhere on the aft so that we can hear the music while hanging out behind the boat. I saw a previous thread on this topic but it was an older post. Wondering if anyone has any experience with a similar year/model? Curious where others have put the sub-woofer on deck as well as the exterior speakers. Also wondering what head units and remotes others have had success with? Thanks in advance!!
  3. Just finished my upgrade to a Fusion UD650 head unit on my Signature 350 and think it's time to replace some of the speakers as well. I've been reading the posts about the cockpit speakers and have a good idea which way I'll go on that. My question here relates to the salon speakers and is a 2 parter. My 1st question relates specifically to the Signature 350, although It might pertain to some other cruisers that have speakers below in the salon, but I'm not sure. Anyway, there is a pair of speakers that is part of the starboard cabinet "run" behind the settee. I haven't dug very deep yet, but has anyone replaced these 2 speakers? I know from the parts list that the speakers are standard issue 6" JBLs, but my question is about access and removal. The speakers are behind a fabric grill face that is about 6" w x 9" high. I didn't want to try and pry off these speaker covers because my luck is they have a clip or some other fastener that I would break and be really sorry. So, if anybody actually knows how they are attached and come off that would be great. I'm thinking the speaker mounting will be obvious once the covers are off. Question 2 is simply a suggestion on a good 6" speaker. The ones in the salon are not outdoor/wet environment speakers, but recommendations from you folks always proves valuable. This is to be paired with the Fusion unit in case that influences the suggestion.
  4. Don Collins

    Problem with JBL stereo/CD

    I have a 2006 246 SSI, with JBL stereo/CD system. I think it is a MR17S. It has always worked great, but now when I turn it on, all I get is static. The display lights up, shows 87.3 FM but will not search or advance channel, will not switch to CD, will not even shut off when I push power. I get no response from any controls on the faceplate, dash or aft control. What gives?
  5. Cycleman07

    New 6.5's Installed

    Installed the new Kicker KM series 6.5's in the boat today to replace the panasonics that Chaparral put in. My findings... 1. 3 out of the 4 original speakers were blown. I have never exceeded their rated watt handling and they were toast. (This begs the question why Chap would put such cheap speaker in a $140K boat? When for another couple hundred bucks they could put something quality in) 2. I highly recommend the Kicker KM series. They sound amazing and I didnt know what I was missing out on until I put a quality speaker in to replace the factory. They didn't lineup perfect so had to drill new holes. Really easy install. Finally, I have the upgraded stereo option from Chaparral that included the wet sounds amp and unknown brand sub (assuming Panasonic). Has anyone replaced this sub in their boat? If so what are the specs on it? 2 Ohm or 4 Ohm? it appears to be a 10" free air speaker is this correct? Thanks in advance.
  6. All, I have a 3 part question: 1) Has there been any issues with the medallion app functionality? IE. Ballast system not reading levels, stuck in certain driving modes? 2) How do you fill the ballast tank in the bow? The dash has buttons for the port and starboard side fill, but nothing for up front specifically. Any thoughts? Recommendations? 3) Is it possible to transition power away from the tower speakers and to the boats speakers? I appreciate any insight!
  7. HI all - 2016 Chaparral 224 Sunesta - adding an additional amp, sub, and tower speakers. Currently the stereo is a Polk PA4A, 200 Watts with Panasonic Marine Speakers. I have purchased POLK Mariine 6.5' to replace those Panasonic factory installs. I am wishing to add a sub, and two tower speakers to the existing system. As is it only 200 watts, I don't believe that will be enough to power 4+2+sub. There are front / Rear Channel line outputs on the PA4A unit. https://www.jensenrvdirect.com/downloads/dl/file/id/720/pa4a_owners_manual.pdf (page 7). The full as wired setup is on page 8. As I don't want to lose the remote controls usage of the stern and helm units, nor do I want to tear out the entire system and replace - Can I simply connect a 2nd amp to the existing system using these line out feeds and install a separate volume control for the sub and tower speakers? Any help is appreciated. JD
  8. ahendri

    200 ssi Stereo

    Hey ya'll, I am wanting to see what options I have out there for replacing my remote on the transom of my boat. It's the JBL mr17.3. I have done some research and it looks like you can't find the JBL REM25 universal remotes anymore like mine has. If you can can you point me to a link? I really don't want to replace the entire setup one don't want to spend the money and two that's a lot of work to run new speaker wire. Does anyone know what the difference in the MR -17 and the MR 17.3 is? I found this remote i'm willing to try but just want to make sure that it's compatible. Neither of my remotes seem to be functioning on my boat the one at the helm or the one at the stern. The only way to manipulate the radio volume or stations is by the head unit. Any suggestions? This is what i'm considering just a little afraid to pull the trigger not knowing what the 17.3 and 17 differences are: http://www.boaterbarn.com/jbl_remote_white_w_20_4760_prd1.htm
  9. boaterguy

    Is an Optima battery worth it?

    OK, I need a little advice. I have a 2006 SSI 210. I currently have 2 optima batteries installed. The starting battery is a blue top AGM marine, and a deep cycle for the stereo, with a battery switch so I can isolate the starting battery when beached and have the tunes going. The stereo has 2 amps, a 250w driving a 12" sub, and a 500w for the interior and tower speakers. Both batteries are bad and need replaced. These were originally recommended to me by the stereo installer (I guess since he sells them also). Power is power right? Before I drop over 550 big ones on the same batteries, If I were able to find some wet cells that had the same ratings, everything should work just fine I assume. Does anybody know if the Optima deep cycle/dual purpose battery has longer reserve power? Right now, I can run that stereo for 4-5 hours with no issues. The ratings are starting battery: Optima SC34M MCA1000,, CCA 800, AH 50, RC 100. The deep cycle is Optima SC34DM, MCA 870, CCA 750, AH 55, RC 120.
  10. jnttarzynski

    Sunesta 224 Stereo

    We just purchased a Sunesta 224 which we will take delivery of in April. We still have time to make changes to our options and are wondering if we should upgrade the stereo system? There is no information obviously available about the 'premium' standard stereo (i.e. watts). How I can I be sure I have enough power with the standard 'premium' stereo and shouldn't upgrade to the one with amp and bass module. I like my music so I really do want "premium" sound - can't stand the tinny sound of too much treble. I would prefer not to have to make upgrades or changes after taking possession of the boat but don't want to spend money for an upgrade unnecessarily. If you have experience with this please reply. Thanks and happy boating!
  11. jhaislip86

    Leak Ruining Radios? 2001 196SSi

    Hey guys, just spent $175 on a new head unit. After a rain, I feel under the dry box and glove box areas at the raised area of carpet underneath and its wet. Also, I feel on top of the business end of the head unit, and it's wet as well. I don't see any way water can leak down, as it looks like a solid sheet of fiberglass above the head unit. Is it possible that I have bad weather stripping on the dry box door and it's running down all the way? Radio is in the same location as factory. Thanks!
  12. ebailey

    stereo upgrade advise for 210ssi

    I want to upgrade the stereo system in my 2004 210 SSI. I have 4 JL MX650 speakers that I haven't installed yet. Need to also choose an amp and sub and not sure where to install the amp or cut in the sub - any recommendations on location for these? I am thinking about the JL 10" sub ($200) and the JL M600/6 amp ($530)..? The wiring kit from the battery to the head unit is about 20' (or less) and is pricey ($200). I have $320 in the speakers. So looking at about $1,250 for everything. As always this is more than I had originally planned to spend but I want to do it right. If anyone has good alternatives to what I was thinking as well as recommended sub and amp install locations please let me know. Thanks, Eric
  13. We have a 2005 Sunesta with the original JBL MR-16 stereo. It works, but FM reception is terrible & no AUX input.. We need bluetooth capability to play iTunes from our phones. Can we add a cell adapter or should we upgrade? Which system works best for Chaparral, and fits installation with cockpit remote and 2 wired remotes? Any recommendations for installers on Smith Mountain Lake are greatly appreciated. Thanks
  14. bom8Diver

    Stereo recomendations

    Guys, What AM/FM/bluetooth stereo unit would you recommend to replace my inoperable JBL MR-17 (Sirius) unit with 2x Remote control interface units? It doesn't look like JBL makes marine stereo systems anymore?
  15. I only have two speakers currently and am going to redo my (original) sound system. Underneath the dash there are wires labeled front right, front left, rear left, and rear right. This is odd considering I only have two speakers wired in. Is my boat prewired for two more speakers in the rear?
  16. deucefour

    Stereo Access or Removal? 204ssi

    Hey Everyone, Quick question... How do I either remove the factory stereo from the glove box area or gain access to the area behind it in a 2005 204 SSi?. I have a 6 speaker system and only the center speakers are working. So the aft & forward speakers are not playing. I have an amp mounted under the aft seat and it is powering on. Havent troubleshot it too much yet. Mainly wanted to make sure the inputs to the amp coming from the radio were still connected. So thats my question... How do I get back there? Thanks in advance!!
  17. Liran shimon

    H2O upgraded stereo system

    hi everyone. iv'e upgraded the stereo system in my h2o 19,instead of the @#$%@#y jensen "system" that came from chaparral. it's a sony marine reciever + stereo remote + 6 speakers + sub + 2 amplifires i think it's a shame that chaparral are installing this very standard stereo (not to mention the 1 way @#$%@#y speakers) comparing to sea ray 190 that comes with a sony stereo + 4 sony speakers as a standard what do you think? you can see my new stereo in this link http://forum.chaparralboats.com/index.php?showtopic=22841


    Just hooked up my batteries from trickle charging all winter, and took the Chap out with the family, turned on the radio and no sound????? Stereo is a Clarion, and it has power to it, we can change stations, and adjust volume, but NOTHING...??? Noticed that the Clarion Amp light is not on, so guessing my amp is not getting power or blew a fuse...??? This is a 2012 216ssi and we havent had it a year, yet!!! And we got it with the stereo upgrade...HELP!!!! KIDS WANT MUSIC...!!!
  19. Need help locating an adapter for a stock JVC KS-RT626 head unit on a 2000 300 Signature. I would like to use my Ipod and take out the remote CD changer. I purchased a P.I. E adapter from Crutchfield and it is not the right one as the correct adapter has prongs. Does this even exist or do I need to change out the head unit? Everything is working well including the remotes so I hate to start from scratch!
  20. Jasonp228808

    Replacing my jvc kd-sx840

    Hi my jvc kd-sx840 won't play cd's anymore in my 2000 216ssi. I'm wondering what my options are, I would like to just change the stereo and still use factory remote at the helm(want to avoid re-wiring). Is this possible? If anyone has any suggestions please help me out. Thanks
  21. RW Bama

    Stereo Problems

    Greetings! I just became an owner of a brand new 2013 Chaparral H2O Sport today. When we took the boat for a test drive last Saturday, we noticed some issues with the stereo including the fact it would not play any music off an iPhone with the USB port. The dealer said they would fix the problem and told us today it was fixed before leaving. Once on the water and turning it on today, it once again did not work. Doesn't even seems like it recognizes the iPhone. We were even having trouble getting the regular FM stations to work. Almost sounded like something was shorting out (kind of soft most the time, then getting loud at moments). Didn't have a regular auxiliary jack to try (getting one tonight), but there is quite obviously something wrong. Has anyone had similar problems or know why an iPhone/iPod wouldn't work with the USB cord? Thanks and look forward to joining all of you on the forum! RW
  22. With a little velcro, a few bolts, a few zap-straps, a small 12V motorcycle battery, and a waterproof amp & speakers from eBay, we now have tunes for our tender!! The speakers and amp are designed for use on a Motorcycle, so I figured that'd be good enough for the dinghy There was a whole bunch of options available on eBay (I got mine from these guys), but I just went with the speaker/amp combo that allowed for an AUX input to play the iPod from. I didn't need AM/FM stereo or any other features...it is just a dinghy after all. lol. Check out the video (you have to click the image below to see the video)...
  23. zeuscamp

    stereo replacement

    I just purchased a 2006 256 SSI. The JBL stereo was fried. (MR-17) I replaced with a new JBL m-18. The remotes on the helm and swim platform are not working at all. Do I have to replace with ones that match the new radio? All wiring was exactly the same with new radio as the old one. Just looking for a little help. Thanks
  24. Futzin'

    electrical gremlin

    With the master battery switch off, all stereo faces are backlit (deck, driver's remote, transom remote). Not turned on, but the 'back lights' are on. The main stereo switch in off position. Is draining the battery. Only thing different this year is that the dealer wired up the anchor light atop my tower to the 'Nav/Anchor' switch when I had the boat winterized (it's working correctly). Will be calling them Tues (closed Mons). Any thoughts in the meantime?
  25. caliboater

    Anotherrrr Stereo Setup Question

    Gents: I'm looking to upgrade the stereo on "The Mistress" after I get my tower installed next week. I have a 2007 Sunesta 232. Check out my wish list from Al and Ed's and let me know if you think it's too much or if I need different stereo components. My main concern is how the Alpine PDX-F4 rated at 4x100 watts can power 4 in-boat speakers (RMS 50W @ 4 ohms) and a pair of Wet Sounds Rev10 (RMS 300W @ 4 ohms). The guy at Al and Ed's said it should be more than enough power. Stereo Setup: Use existing components: · Clarion M455 - head unit · 4 x Clarion CMQ - 1620R in-boat speakers Looking to purchase these products at Al and Ed's Autosound: · Pair of Wet Sounds Rev10 Wakeboard Tower Speakers with Swivel Mount - 1,250 deer · Alpine PDX-F4 Amp 4x100W PDX Series to power in boat speakers and tower speakers - 350 deer · Pair of JL Audio 10W1V2-4 Sub 10" W1 Series 4-Ohm SVC 300W - 200 deer · Alpine MRX-M55 Amp 1x550W @ 2 Ohm xpower - 300 deer · Wet Sounds Dual Band EQ w Mic - 300 deer · High Power Amp Kit - 100 deer · RCA cables - 90 deer · Labor - 1000 deer · Shop supplies - 42 deer Total: 3,728 deer Thanks for the help guys!