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Found 2 results

  1. Slapshot

    My Summer 2017 Review

    This is my review of Summer 2017 before 2017 ends. My family and I visited three different lakes this Summer; Youghiogheny Lake, Raystown Lake, and Deep Creek Lake. Our boating season started in May and ended in early September. We did some boat and trailer repairs, but nothing that kept us off the water too long. May 2017 (Started fishing with my dad, ended May with some boat repairs, bellows replacements) June 2017 (Let's go swimming) July 2017 (More boating, new trailer bunks, and some cliff jumping) August 2017 (It's getting hotter, and we get a new grill for the boat) We really enjoyed ourselves, and can't wait for Summer 2018.
  2. drewm3i

    Summer Fun!

    With everyone posting pictures and videos of their excursions in a bunch of different threads, I think we need a dedicated thread for summer time pictures and videos! I'll begin! So, in June we took the Chap to the keys for the second time. This time we stayed 6 days, 5 nights and kept the Chap in a slip. We snorkeled, cruised, watched sunsets, ate out, and just had a great time! Unfortunately, my waterproof camera broke on the second day so I could only get underwater footage on the first day. So, our itinerary looked something like: Day 1) trailer down and go for a sunset cruise, Day 2) Go out to snorkel Alligator Reef and Lighthouse, Day 3) cruise around Florida Bay and relax before docking at a restaurant for dinner, Day 4) Drive 45+ miles each way on the bay and ocean to Sombrero Reef and Lighthouse, Day 5) Go back to Alligator Lighthouse and then go for a sunset cruise, Day 6) Cruise around some more and then go home! Our camera broke on day 4 right before our dive. I did make a nice video of our adventures on day 2 though! It's a little long, but it was hard to cut out a lot of footage because it is pretty good. You old guys probably won't like the first song, but around 3:30 on, the songs calm down a bit LOL. Try to watch in 1080P! People in our party did see a big reef shark and a smaller hammerhead. I didn't see either, but I did see numerous nurse sharks. Like usual, the sharks are disinterested and very used to divers/snorkelers and know that we are neither food, nor a threat. Anyways, here are some additional pictures! Our boats little brother Alligator Lighthouse Our 2130 The admiral and I at sunset