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Found 1 result

  1. Bought a Suncoast 21 last july W/ a150 Merc O.B. I was in a hurry because everyone was out of fish and skis w/an outboard . I figured that after many decades of making boats ,there were some things I did not have to worry about ,LIKE -a glove box -LIKE a main power switch that was accessible - -LIKE a GPS that worked -LIKE a horn that worked -LIKE a speedometer that worked- LIKE storage for the trolling motor -LIKE rod storage where the rods would not fall out -LIKE a ski pole, storage holder, that you could actually reach -LIKE cup holders for all of the passengers - LIKE steering that was not so difficult due to a small steering wheel and more .-LIKE two rear facing seat that you can't raise the backs unless you hold down the floor under them - LIKE an anchor compartment that is so small and requires unfolding a ladder to get at . They should have used some of the money the spent on the 3 radio controls distributed throughout the boat. Most of the storare is under heavy bulky seat cushions . There are 2 large closets in front with no shelves so they are only good for one layer of something on the floor . Did I mention there is no place for CELL PHONES, SUN GLASSES, LOTIONS, WALLETS ,HOOKS, SINKERS, ETC> ETC> Don't even ask me about the service, and the excuses I received when I brought it back for a new transducer. I could probably go on but this is my first time on a Forum
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