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Found 60 results

  1. All- I have a 2008 Sunesta 224 extreme... In the last couple outings on the water; I noticed my tower becoming a bit wobbly. So first attempted to tighten the tower base hex screws that mount the rear of the tower to the top of the gunwhale.... All of the bolts are a) very loose or b) tripped out... Does anyone have experience with this or know if there are nuts underneath etc... will take a picture of those bases when I get back to my boat today and also see if there is a way to get access to the underside to identify hardware configuration that exists underneath. I essentially kept tightening screws to no avail... So either nuts are still attached and I need to keep tightening for a long time, or the nuts fell off on the underside? Thanks for any insight or experience with this. I FIGURED IT OUT... beneath the gunwhale on each side, there are four nuts below the metal mounting plates and these can be tightened. One side is accessble from under the sink and the other port side via the underseat storage area. I believe this will stop my tower from rocking so much. Any other advise or experience is welcomed.
  2. Hello all,This is my first time posting and trying to work on my fathers boat (and keep it out of the shop)We have what I believe is a fuel pressure issue on his 2002 Chaparral 242 Sunesta with a 5.7 GI Volvo Penta Dual Prop I/O. It just started this year after pulling out of storageSymptoms:- The engine will start no problem but can be felt chugging at low RPMS. At higher RPMs it is less noticeable but the boat is still only getting about 50% power (used to do 45mph now tops out at 25mph)- The engine responds and increases throttle but if you throw it back to idle or neutral the engine dies out.Troubleshooting:- We replace the fuel/water separator (no change)- Clean spark plugs. These did not appear to be in bad shape. Normal discoloration (no change)- Added seafoam to gasoline (no change)- Used a screwdriver to feel that all injectors were firing. Some felt lighter than others but all could be felt clicking- Checked the fuel pressure on the rail. The fuel pressure bounced between 50-54 PSI when under load so it was not stable which i would expect it to be.- Replaced the fuel pressure regulator. When we did this, the boat would not start at all unless we gave it throttle and would not stay running unless we kept the throttle up. I got this part from a dealer so I would hope they gave me the right one.- Reinstalled old fuel pressure regulator since the new one seemed to make the issue worse.- Checked the impeller. It is in good shape.Next steps:I've done a ton of digging but can't find any other examples of where the pressure was not stable at the rail. I would like to say the fuel pump itself needs replaced but if the pump is outputting anything higher than 50 psi I would expect the pressure regulator should hold it stable. So I am at a loss.Thanks for any suggestions-Kyle
  3. Hey all. We own a Sunesta 233. We generally love the boat, but have decided we want something with more seating in the cockpit. I have been looking at a Sunesta 263, which is perfect from a seating and space perspective. The biggest complaint I have about out 233 is that it really feels like we get tossed around and the hull really pounds against the larger wake in our lake. I started considering a SSI 253, as it has a deeper , but my wife isn't thrilled with the fact that it less bow seating. If the Sunesta 263 and it's extra 3ft and 1,000 lb will handle the big cruiser wake significantly better than the Sunesta 233, I'm inclined to go that route. If it is going to be more-or-less the same, I would like to move to a SSI with better deadrise. Is there anyone who has experience with both the SSI 256 and Sunesta 263/274 and can provide an opinion?
  4. Howdy folks, I have a brand new Chaparral Sunesta 264 with a Volvo 320 OceanX. I don't know about older Sunestas, but I do know there are some significant changes in the helm from previous years which include the 7 inch touch screen garmin and 2 Faria gauges. Our old 216 SSI was not near as fancy. When we first took the boat out with the dealer when we were attempting to accelerate from idle speed we would get a 126 error code on the tach and the alarms would go off. It did this about 50% of the time. On that first day my wife and I decided to have lunch out on the lake and the Chaparral dealer sent out a tech to check the boat out. After hooking up his daignostic software \ laptop he decided that a component on the engine side of the throttle needed to be swapped out. We no longer had the problem with accelerating. Shortly thereafter we started getting the 126 code after the 3 warning beeps (ignition turned on and going through self test) and the tach needle goes up and down. The alarm goes off ... the LED says something to the effect "Return to delear for service". We just took the boat in for servicing to our dealer as the LED suggested and they are telling us this might be normal. However, if this always happens how are we supposed to know when there really is a problem. I heard that there was someone with a 277 SSX that had a similar problem. Anyone have ideas? I have sent a request to Chaparral proper, but no reply as of yet. Thanks!
  5. We are looking at a 2008 264 Sunesta and I was disappointed to find today that the rear sunpad does not fold up into a lounger position like the newer ones do, it just lays flat. This is unfortunately a pretty important feature for us. I am a pretty handy guy and, after peaking under the seat on this boat, it seems reasonable enough to convert it to function as the newer ones do. Instead of reinventing the wheel, I was hoping someone could post some photos of the mechanics that accomplish this feature from the factory. I would likely mimic their design or at least be inspired by it. Here are a couple of pics of the sunpad doing what I am talking about if it isn't clear. I am looking for pictures of this from the back side. Preferably both sides if they are different. Thanks for any help!!
  6. I purchased a 2005 Sunesta 216 about this time last year. It is my first boat. I like it, but I have found it pounds on wakes or bigger water when the wind kicks up. I'm currently looking at a 2006 SSi 246. According to their respective spec sheets the SSi has 22 degree deadrise. The Sunesta has 16 degrees. Is this substantial enough to help cut waves better? Also, the SSi I am looking at has 450 hours on a Volvo 8.1 GXI with Duo Prop drive. Is that a lot of hours for this engine? Any known issues with this engine or drive? Thanks in advance for any guidance.
  7. I have a 264 sunesta with a built in swim platform cooler that is not draining.. It seems there is some sort of drain as it fills with water when it is in the water but when out of the water it does not drain at all.. I need to figure this out so I can winterize the boat.. my fear is it will freeze.. Help!
  8. Have a Chaparral sunesta 220. Need to replace the flywheel housing and believe I need to pull the motor, or maybe move it forward?. I have removed the outdrive. Is this a job that is fairly straight forward? Need any expensive tools? I've pulled a seadoo motor, but don't have tons of mechanical experience. Have a shop and lots of tools....anyone pulled a similar motor?
  9. I recently purchased a 2003 Sunesta 223 with the 5.0 GXI Volvo-Penta motor. It has a Duoprop outdrive with 1.95:1 gear ratio pushing F5 props. I am seeing terrible acceleration times to plane. I usually run a full boat, 4 to 6 adults 2 to 4 kids and am getting planing times of 11 to 12 seconds. Pulling a 200 lbs. wakeboarder increases my plane time to 20, 21 seconds. I am constantly having to run wot just to get the boat to move. When pulling a tube, it takes a while to plane and I have to have the accelerator down when I turn, or I loose so much power, that the tube ends up being like an anchor. When I hit the holeshot, the tach reads 2700 rpm until I get on plane and then it will start climbing. I was running wot on plane at 40mph and hitting rpms of only 4200. I do a lot of watersports and care more about holeshot acceleration than top end speed. Does anyone know why I am not getting a decent holeshot with my setup? I recently had the engine serviced and compression checked. Everything was spot on. I did replace the screen in the fuel regulator with the eclip, but experienced no additional power. Is there something the mechanics and myself might be over-looking? Would a change in props help, or am I just underpowered for my boat?
  10. I was curious if anyone out there had a proven routine for getting the boat ready in the spring. I leave my 264 Sunesta in the water all year under cover but it still gets coated with pollen. I usually strip everything out of the boat, all canvases, carpet, cockpit pillows, head towels, microfiber cloths, life jackets and take home for a good wash. Anyone have some good suggestions for cleaning sunbrella canvases, and the boat carpets? Right now I am just using the home carpet steam cleaner on the carpets and laying the canvases on the driveway and hosing off and scrubbing with pole brush with soap, spraying off and using the 303 protection when it dries....it’s always a bear of a job so if anyone has a better faster way I’m all ears. As as far as the boat interior I usually just spray everything down and go over floors with the same pole brush and then microfiber towel everything else with the 303 cleaner.
  11. I have 2000 sunesta 233....there is a switch in the locking compartment that is located in captain area below the throttle/shifter...what is it for ? thx.....
  12. My new-to-me 244 Sunesta has a belt squeal that happens at high rpm's. I assume it's the serpentine belt (that's the only belt on this thing). If I back off of the speed a bit the squeal will stop. I've been advised in a different thread to just go ahead and replace the belt. They aren't too expensive and it looks to be a fairly straightforward job. I've never done this before and wondered if anyone here had. Any suggestions/tips/thoughts? I want to avoid screwing something up. I've only had the new boat out once and would like to get a lot of use out of it this summer. I have a week booked on Table Rock next month and want it to be ready to go. Thanks!
  13. Does anyone know where I can purchase the blue side graphics for Sunesta 232 - year is 2000. Also looking for the oval Sunesta 232 decals on the sides?
  14. Scot

    engine hesitation

    I have a 2010 Sunesta 224 with the Volvo 5.0 270 hp engine that has a hesitation in the engine at initial throttle and again at cruising speed. Just replaced the crank position sensor and the cam position sensor at the advice of the local chaparral dealership. Any advice on other possible causes. Dealership is recommending replacing entire wiring harness.
  15. Looking for a new set of the original graphics for my 2004 Chap Sunesta 236. Picture below.
  16. Hi everyone, I recently purchased a 2002 sunesta 242 with 285 hours on it and the 5.7 Volvo engine. I was wondering if anyone had any insights on this boat? I did some research before buying but couldn't find a lot and it was in really good shape with low hours so I went ahead and got it, but was just wondering if anyone had any thoughts or knew of any potential issues with these boats. Thanks! -Jrob
  17. 2001 Sunest 233 5.7 volvo penta received an estimate to replace the alternator oem starter $400 plus labor to install seems high, does anyone have experience with this looking for insight Thanks in advance
  18. Im looking at a 2004 sunesta 274. Its a 27' deck boat with 18 degree deadrise. Wife's father (who's been boating on lake michigan) said it wasn't the right boat for the big lake. Conditions can change in an instant and a deck boat will get slapped around pretty good. He says a deep V is the only way to go. Thoughts? Can I take the kids out on the big lake without worry? Wife's not happy with my choice - want to set her at ease if possible.
  19. Hello all, Im new to the Chaparral community. We bought a new 2016 Sunesta 224. Awesome boat! Wife and I are excited to start the season. Gonna be a long 2 months till then. Traded a pontoon boat for it. Kids should be happy to go fast! Including me. We will be at Chain O Lakes in Illinois most of the time, and explore Lake Geneva, Wi, Also planning on July 4th on Lake Michigan at the Navy Pier for fireworks! It will be fun summer for sure. Glad to see others with experience help and advice on all topics Chaparral. Pics coming soon
  20. I just bought a nice '97 Sunesta 250 and am looking for a set of center cushions and the support assembly. If you don't want to part with yours, photos would be helpful so that I can construct my own. Thanks! Frank Fluharty 443-239-0813 FrankFluharty@gmail.com Quote Edit
  21. I just bought a nice '97 Sunesta 250 and am looking for a set of center cushions and the support assembly. If you don't want to part with yours, photos would be helpful so that I can construct my own. Thanks! Frank Fluharty 443-239-0813 FrankFluharty@gmail.com
  22. I am currently struggling between two "final" choices, a 2016 226 SSi and a 2013 244 Sunesta. Both after my negotiation are equal in price ($55k) and I was able to a comparable rate and payments are within $20 of each other. I walked into the Chaparrel dealership torn between the 224 Sunesta (my initial first choice) and the 226 SSi and 227 SSX. With trailer the 224 Sunesta quickly priced itself out of the budget I set myself. Then because the queen bee liked the pasenger bucket vs. the Oasis lounge, ended on the 226 SSi. We test drove it, and enjoyed it very much. Engine is the Mercury Gen V 1.97-SX 240 HP V6 w/ short riser. THEN, at the Cobalt dealership a mile down the road we noticed the 2013 Chaparral 244 Sunesta with the Volvo Penta 5.0 GXi DP 270 HP. It has both the Convenience and Premium package and is a one owner (113 hours) an executive at BB&T Bank. One "major" difference is the 2016 for end of season is coming with a 5 year bumper to bumper warranty along with the lifetime hull. The 2013 we would need to add and pay for an extended warranty (would this be recommended)...so... It is my girlfriend and I and I have 4 kids, 11, 12, 14, and 16. We do lake boating, but hope to expand our experience, maybe even the Keys. Etc. THOUGHTS???
  23. I am looking for a port side anodized windshield for my 2003 243 Sunesta, any ideas where I can find one.? ( broken by flying debris in the storm,)
  24. So as most of you Sunesta owners know the bow filler cushion is very tippy and will fall in if you step or kneel on the top corners. This was a little annoying at first but last weekend I had enough when I went through and almost took some skin with it from the metal holder. It then turned into a safety issue for me and has been a problem for a long time on the Sunestas. Some of you have come up with some really creative ways to solve it and I used some PVC and about ~12 deer later I think I found something that will work. No issues this weekend and I walked all over it to test it. Best part it comes apart if I need to store it easily. Time will tell if it holds up long term but thought I would share.
  25. The bilge pump float switch in my '05 Sunesta 236 was stuck on and it drained my batteries. I have ordered a new switch. How does a human reach the switch to replace it? There is only about 6 inches clearance between the engine pulleys and the fiberglass bulkhead, and the switch is about 4 feet down. How do I get to it to remove the screws?
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