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Found 13 results

  1. Captain Ed

    Seadek flooring

    I've just purchased a 2012 Sunesta 264. The carpet is kind of worn and the rubber/foam on the swim platform has seen better days as well. I'm thinking of doing the whole boat with Seadek, which is that dense rubbery foam stuff. I like the look and feel of it and a lot of new boats seem to have it, I just wonder how long it lasts and is this the right choice? It's expensive. Any thoughts and experiences would be appreciated.
  2. Zok1956

    Sea Dek

    I am considering installing Sea Dek on the swim platforms on my 2002 Chaparral 230 SSi. The patterns that Sea Dek is using are based on a 2005 Chaparral 230 SSi. Are the dimensions of the swim platforms for both of those years the same?
  3. Hey guys, I wait for the 290 delivery in 2 weeks and something is bothering me a little. Do you know how much weight the swim platform is able to handle ? On my 270 I think it is around 500 lbs but I can't find anywhere the capacity for a 290 2004. Swim platform is pretty different since it is not a part of the hull but kind of extended. I can not tow anymore with the 290, I was thinking about a Seadoo Spark and seen this : https://hurleymarine.com/shop/dinghy-davit-boat/h3o/ Here is an example of their product : Pretty interesting for me but Hurley Marine ask me to check if my Swim Platform can handle the load of the sea doo (400 lbs). Of course I have called my Chap dealer but he don't seem to know. Any ideas ?
  4. dlewien

    H2O Extended Swim Platform

    I've talked with my dealer about adding the new Chaparral manufactured extended swim platform for the H2O series. Chaparral has confirmed that it will fit on our 2012 despite the fact that it wasn't an option that first year of the model. I know there are larger after market swim platforms out there but I want something that doesn't look like a bolt on and my primary goal is to provide some coverage over the lower unit when we have little kids on board who like to jump off the back. Has anyone ordered a chap H2O with the extended swim platform or had one installed? Just looking for some feedback before I spend the money to buy and have it shipped to CO and installed by our dealer. Thanks.
  5. Hello, new first time boat owner here and I was hoping someone could point me to a dealer or even a factory service rep that can assist me. I'm in need of a factory Chaparral ESP for my 2000 233 Sunesta. I've called my only local dealer twice and they have taken my info/ request and never call back so I'm reaching out to you guys for help. Located in Cumming, Ga/ Lake Lanier. I'm assuming it would need to be made and not off the shelf and I'm okay with that. I've looked at the aftermarket brands but prefer factory. Thanks!
  6. Billable Hours

    Doggie Ladder Ideas?

    Has anyone built a doggie ladder that can attach to the swim platform? I've seen some products online, but the cost for the one that looks the most credible is @ $400 bucks. And that's a bit steep for something that gets used 2 to 3 x per year.
  7. I lost the chrome trim tip for my swim step yesterday. Does anyone know where I can find a replacement? Here is a photo of the missing part: It is for a 2004 210 SSI. Thanks!
  8. PhilandMonicaSSI

    Used Parts - Waketower and Swim Platform

    Hello! Fairly new to the site and was hoping for a little direction. We have a 2001 Chaparral 196 SSI. Love the boat and have had it for a few years. Kids are getting bigger and want to start wakeboarding more and I'm looking at the cost of wakeboard boats....ouch. So, while i save up, I have been looking at towers to put on the boat. Does anyone know where to find used towers or reasonable good quality towers? From my research I think I like the Aerial Airborne look and the write-ups have been positive but I'd like to try to reduce that cost. Also, while I was at it I thought I'd ask about swim platforms as well. There has to be some used parts out there somewhere! Thanks again for the help! Happy Boating!
  9. nichol ray

    420 swim planform

    Does anyone know the max weight load is for a 20111 420 stationary swim platform?
  10. First, great forum I have been reading for a few years now so thanks for everyone's contribution. I have a 2005 180 SSI. I am close to pulling the trigger on a swim platform from swimplatforms.com. I would also like to add smart tabs because of all of the good feedback I have heard about them. I asked Swimplatforms if it would work with the tabs and I got a response saying they could customize the location of the support bar. Well the boat is in storage for another month or so. I'd like to get the order going sooner than later since there is a 3 week lead time. Would the "stock" location of the support bar work? I am looking for feedback on anyone that has done this and any advice you have. Any pictures would be great. Thanks!
  11. Jasonp228808

    Factory oem swim platform for 2000 216ssi

    Hi I recently just purchased a 2000 216ssi and want a chaparral factory swim platform for it, my dealer quoted me about 1600 with tax and everything included. Does anyone have experience or own this model and swim platform? If so let me know what ya think. I'm worried it might affect the handling of the boat amongst other things. Thanks
  12. I know that most on here are fans of Sea Dek the product and suspect on the customer service & responsiveness of the company. I was planning on purchasing a mat for my swim platform of my 2011 206 SSi, but it is not listed on their website. I also heard back from a rep there that confirmed they don't have a kit for the 206 SSi yet. The boat has been out for almost two years ... does anyone know how long it takes them to measure new models and add to their lineup? If not, I can order a template and try my hand with that ... although I really don't want to screw that up and be stuck with an ill-fitting mat. I'm not always the best at finished DIY stuff. Once they get a template order in from an owner of a particular model, you'd think they'd add a kit for that model, but maybe they're afraid of an owner screwing up their measurements, too. Does anyone have any advice? I know at this point the Sea Dek wouldn't be on my boat until the winter given how long it takes them to fulfill orders in addition to how long it would take for me to get the template measured and sent back. Thanks for any input. PS - One bonus reason I'm looking at Sea Dek is it creates a unique way to add your boat's name. On the 206, there isn't a lot of verticle space on the aft deck to add a name.
  13. chapman

    2000 230 ssi swim platform

    I own a 2000 230 ssi that came without the extended swim platform. I'd really like to put one on but someone told me that was not possible. Does anyone know if this is true?