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Found 12 results

  1. LambChop

    Gauge Access

    I finally summarized by boat today, including making the speedometer function (the tube to the speedometer wasn't hooked up - the previous owner probably forgot to do so when he replaced the impeller). Anyways, my tach acts funny. It'll work fine 80% of the time, the other 20% it'll have a mind of it's own, rising to various RPM while the engine is idling. I would think that this is a bad ground. Also, my Humminbird depth sounder has never worked properly. So, I think I'm going to kill two birds with one stone and refresh my gauges, including a GPS speedometer. The question is, how do I gain access to them? I tried removing the two screws on either side of the wood panel, but I felt like the panel was going to snap as I tried to pull it away from the dash. Underneath the dash doesn't look any more pleasant: I'm thinking that I have to get that wood panel pried away from the dash in order to remove the gauges. Are there additional clips that hold it in? Perhaps I need to take a putty knife or similar tool and run it behind the wood panel to separate it from the vinyl dash...
  2. I am in need of a new dual tachometer to avoid having to rewire and re-gauge my entire dash with analogs. it is medallion part #6705-05003-01. joe at cecil marine doesn't carry these anymore. he pointed me to medallion, who made this tach and oddly enough, they are right down the road from me. unfortunately they stopped making them in 2013. does anybody know how these can be repaired or does anybody have one of these stashed away that they are willing to sell me?
  3. abdelhameed

    Adjusting analogue rpm

    My analogue rpm reading is lower than the digital reading by 1000rpm. When idling the analogue pin is at zero so I believe the digital one is accurate. How can I adjust the analogue reading? 2013 216ssi
  4. Ccoy

    1989 Yamaha Tach

    I have the digital tachometer, when I first turn on the key, 88 displays on the gauge then after a few seconds the display shows 0. I have power and ground to the tachometer. When I start the motor the displays remains at 0. The motor tilt indicator on the tachometer is working. Any ideas? Thanks
  5. jgfiore

    Sunesta Gages

    2008, 284 Sunesta - the glass on my tachometer is blistered. This is a multi gage that includes engine temp, bottom depth, . . . Has anyone come across a company that can replace the glass without having to replace the entire gage?
  6. I have the digital tach, when I first turn on key 88 displays on the tack then 0. I have power and ground to the tach. The green wire has a ground on it as soon as battery switch is turned on and it also has ground with key on. What should I see? The trim switch and indicator work OK. I have switched the setting on the back of the tach - no help. What could be the problem? Thank in advance. Chuck
  7. donniew123

    Error code 126 on Tachometer

    Howdy folks, I have a brand new Chaparral Sunesta 264 with a Volvo 320 OceanX. I don't know about older Sunestas, but I do know there are some significant changes in the helm from previous years which include the 7 inch touch screen garmin and 2 Faria gauges. Our old 216 SSI was not near as fancy. When we first took the boat out with the dealer when we were attempting to accelerate from idle speed we would get a 126 error code on the tach and the alarms would go off. It did this about 50% of the time. On that first day my wife and I decided to have lunch out on the lake and the Chaparral dealer sent out a tech to check the boat out. After hooking up his daignostic software \ laptop he decided that a component on the engine side of the throttle needed to be swapped out. We no longer had the problem with accelerating. Shortly thereafter we started getting the 126 code after the 3 warning beeps (ignition turned on and going through self test) and the tach needle goes up and down. The alarm goes off ... the LED says something to the effect "Return to delear for service". We just took the boat in for servicing to our dealer as the LED suggested and they are telling us this might be normal. However, if this always happens how are we supposed to know when there really is a problem. I heard that there was someone with a 277 SSX that had a similar problem. Anyone have ideas? I have sent a request to Chaparral proper, but no reply as of yet. Thanks!
  8. brianb33

    Stuck tachometer

    I have a 2005 Chaparral 236 Sunesta with a tach stuck on 3500 rpm. I have turned the switch in back a few times but it has not budged (this was dry docked). I have not run it yet in the lake but it did not budge when I cranked it with flushing ear muffs attached. When I check the forum different posts state that the sender wire attachment is either on the coil, alternator, or near the crankcase pulley so I'm not sure where to look. I did find a free wire with a plug in the end and a tab labeled "tach." Can anyone think of a reason a wire labeled "tach" would be plugged and not attached to anything?? I have included a picture of the wire sitting on top of the hose.
  9. I've been using this forum since May of 2011 when I purchased my 1999 (2130 SS) with 260 hours. When I purchased the boat the voltage gauge was whacked and later on in the year the tachomter fizzled out and was showing thousands of RPM's higher then what the motor was actually turning. Anyways.. today I upgraded all the gauges and I used the Telflex Lido series gauges. http://www.teleflexmarine.com/products/instrumentation/instrumentation/lido/ http://www.overtons.com/modperl/product/details.cgi?pdesc=Teleflex-Lido-6-Gauge-Set&i=76701&str=teleflex+lido&merchID=4005 Install seemed pretty strait forward, remove each gauge one at a time and then install the replacement. The problem was that the new tachomter gauge had the ignition and send posts swapped.. so following the existing wiring configuration caused the boat not to start after installing the gauges. I Googled for hours and even called my local boat store and finally found something about a grounding issue with the tachometer that would cause your car or boat not to start. I looked at my old gauge and then my new one and discovered the posts were swapped... I immediately moved the wires from one side to the other... and Booyah!! Fired right up. It's the MPFI model so no carbs, just turn the key and it usually fires up every time.. unless you have the wires backwards on your tachometer gauge. Some of you reading this might be thinking what a noob... but if you're like many people when you take something out and you put something new back in your tend to hook it up exactly as before.. especially if it's something subtle that you might miss. Anyways.. I'm hoping this gets indexed and Googled so that it anyone else ever runs into this issue they can Google "replaced tachometer and boat wont start" and find the answer. The new tachometer didn't have an hours gauge so I bought a simple one from Amazon. http://www.amazon.com/Tachometer-Kawasaki-Motorcycle-Generator-Snowmobile/dp/B0049IFX56/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1336629572&sr=8-3
  10. LambChop

    1998 2130 SS LE - Gauge Issues

    I just picked up '98 2130 SS with a Mercruiser 5.0 EFI engine and Alpha drive. The boat is in great shape and well taken care of, but a couple of the gauges aren't functioning properly. I'm thinking it may be a slight electrical glitch - possibly a faulty ground. Here's what I've found. Speedometer - When I test drove the boat, the speedometer functioned intermittently. When I had it out on Sunday for four hours, the speedometer did not work at all. Depth Sounder - The in dash humminbird depth sounder works intermittently and isn't always accurate. Luckily, it tends to underestimate depth (reading shallower than the dept actually is). It may work for 20 seconds, then goes blank. If I press one of the buttons, it will come back on sometimes. Otherwise, it displays depth intermittently without me interacting with it. Tachometer - The tachometer works 95% of the time. It never goes dead, but when I was running the boat at full throttle at one period, it was reading almost 6,000 RPM. On plane at cruising speed, it'll sometimes read 4,500 RPM. Yes, the boat is propped properly, these are definitely erroneous readings. Any suggestions on where to start to diagnose and repair the issues? I'm fairly competent with tools and a multimeter. - Adam
  11. LambChop

    Tachometer Adjustment ? - 2130 SS

    Do most boat tachometers have a calibration/adjustment knob on the back? I'm not sure what brand of gauges are in my boat. I haven't pulled the dash apart to check yet, but I have a suspicion that my tachometer might be off as much as 500-600 RPM. Why? I was out on Thursday night and noticed my tachometer was showing a bit over 5,200 RPM @ WOT. The boat is a 2130 SS with a 5.0 EFI putting power to the water through an Alpha 1 drive. I had 3 adults and one toddler in the boat (including myself) - so around 700 lbs worth of adults (my parents aren't very fit...) and a full tank of gas. The speedometer doesn't work, so I can't tell you the top speed. I'm sure the next question is what pitch is my prop... It's a 21 pitch 3 blade aluminum propeller. That seems like a steep pitch to be turning over 5,200 RPM to me... The drive ratio is 1.47:1. I've got an RPM indicator that I'm going to hook up to the motor tomorrow to see the actual revs that it is turning. If the read is different from what the tach says, any tips on solving the tach inaccuracy would be helpful. - Adam
  12. glass on my act is smashed out and don't hunk i can replace just the glass. Anyone have an idea of where i can find an identical replacement so my instrument panel looks the same without having to replace every instrument. Thanks