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Found 7 results

  1. VorTexas

    2015 Vortex VRX 243

    Lateral thrust control system is connected to the throttle cable by a flimsy 1/4 inch bolt. The bolf snapped in half today in the marina after launching into the water. Boat had to be towed back to the slip. This deisgn is flawed. Dealer will be contacted. Has anyone else had an issue?
  2. El_Mix_cappytan

    Throttle Only Switch Won't Disengage

    I have a 2007 Chaparral with a 5.0 GXI engine. I thought I've been having an issue with the throttle only switch breaking but I realized the switch isn't disengaging. So in short, when I move the throttle down, the boat believes I'm only revving the engine and doesn't spin the prop. I took apart the throttle to see what the issue is and there is nothing wrong. The little plastic button isn't broken, nothing's wrong with the wiring, it just doesn't disengage. Is this some sort of trigger being set off for safety reasons? If I jiggle the throttle too much, the switch comes so far out that I can't even move throttle down or back. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I don't want to spend hundreds for a simple fix. Has anyone experienced this??
  3. johnbohn

    330 sig 5.7 VP hard Shifting

    new to boating...I bought a 2007, 330 signature with 5.7 Volvo's The boat has new OceanX drives and only 100 hours on the engine's. for me the starboard engine goes into and out of gear stiff....when I push the release button on the bottom it seems there is some sort of "break" or slip disc in the throttle linkage that needs to be adjusted to loosen it up. can any one tell me if there is a adjustment at the helm station or other location? I sprayed WD40 on it but it doesn't seem to help. the port engine shifts like a dream.
  4. Hello, 1989 Chaparral 2150sx 350 magnum alpha 1. Here is my issue; I am having problems shifting from forward to neutral to reverse and vice-versa. This is a serious issue when docking and trailoring. It seems to not want to disengage or something binding keeping me from getting back to neutral. And when/if I get it back to neutral it briefly stays in prior gear until I work/wiggle throttle to disengage. If its running/idling and I push/pull throttle it pushes/pulls back. The weird thing is it shifts fine when its not running/idling. It shifts smooth F,N,R when off. It got harder to shift F.N.R going from beach to beach And almost impossible to get onto trailer if a stranger didn't help guide it. I cant use until this problem is solved, too dangerous. Does anyone have a cure? Shift interrupter? Cable? Linkage? Im at a loss and need some guidance. Thank you,
  5. My throttle trim switch only operates the port drive. Any ideas where to look for the problem in getting the starboard drive to move also?
  6. New to the Forum, but could use some advice on replacing the throttle / shift controller on my 2000 Chaparral 240SSi Mercruiser Sterndrive (7.4L MPI w/ Bravo 3). The Mercruiser controller currently installed is the obsolete Mercruiser Commander 3000 with outdrive trim & 2nd button to lift the outdrive for trailering. It looks like I have 2 options: 1) Install the SeaStar CH1752P & keep my existing throttle & shift cables 2) Install the Mercruiser Commander 4000 (8M0030551). Upgrade to MerCruiser Gen II Premium shift and throttle cables (897978aXX) Any thoughts on these & do I have any other options?
  7. Wife bought an old 198XL Chaparral this winter and she is one to always have a project for me. She got the boat and trailer for the price of the trailer alone, but it needed some work. I am an engineer and can't let old die...just have to fix stuff. After 'some' engine work this spring (rebuilt V8)...i.e. the last owner did some weird things to the boat to include PAINTING the teak...ugh...I am getting some of the nits out. Most everything works except the trim gauge/sensors, the steering is a little loose, and the throttle handle sticks with little play for neutral. The boat needs some cleanup, a good buff, etc but gets us on the water. Other than that we are cruising our waterways regularly this spring already - just got waterfront and a pier. Any help on the parts, suggestions, or approaches to the above issues are appreciated!!