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Found 6 results


    Head seacock

    Hi, new to boating here. I see the manual of my chaparral 260 shows a diagram of systems but it is not very explicit. It says head seacock. right by the fwd bilge pump has a hose with a seacock. just wondering what this thing does. cannot follow where the hose is heading to. it is just attached to the bottom of the hull. picture coming soon
  2. I just bought my first Chaparral, a 2006 256 SSI. Love it already, only on the water once so far. Anyway, the vacuflush is not working. I turn on the pump and it runs and never shuts down. The toilet does not flush. I did go to the marina and used the pump-out. I filled and flushed the bowl several times while pumping out and it worked while doing so. So I do not suspect a clog anywhere. The bowl does hold water. Do I need to buy the whole matainence kit and start going through it, or is there something I shoud try ? Thanks
  3. My son and I bought a 1994 Sunesta 220 last year and have been working on it. It's a great boat and was in pretty good shape but needing some TLC. We finished working on the outdrive, engine, electronics, and hull. The folks at Chaparral have been a lot of help, but - frankly - have limited information on boats this old. We are now looking at working on the freshwater and brown water systems but can't locate any information on how these systems were designed/configured and can't depend upon the current systems to guide us as, for example, the hosing for the freshwater system is not connected and we don't know what might be missing. Nor do we know how the brown water (toilet) system is supposed to be configured. We've looked for shop manuals used by boat repair shops to work on the boat but are unable to find any. Can anyone direct us to where we can find the manuals or provide us with information on the systems? Would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Hi, strict newbie question here, sorry. Just picked up a low hours 2006 Chaparral 246 SSI with the Ecovac Vacuflush toilet. So far the toilet has flushed fine, but when I went have it pumped out, the marina was all confused because the Waste cap has a cable/tether on it and they didn't know how to attach their suction hose with that tether in the way. 3 different guys looked at it and scratched their heads. I've attached a picture with the cap dangling from the tether. Should they just be able to put a friction fit hose in there and run it right past the tether, ignoring it? Or do I need to cut the tether so they can thread in a waste nozzle adapter similar to something like this (https://www.marinesan.com/16-tpi-4-5-tpcm-1-5-8-p/310343504.htm)? Thanks! Randy
  5. I just bought a used 2001 Chaparral Signature 300. The Vacuflush/Sealand system pump is not turning on in the head to be able to flush the toilet. The switch in the actual head does not light up when you turn on the "vacuflush" switch. I read the owners manual and believe that its most likely a fuse or circuit breaker for the power to this system. I have looked all over the boat in the engine compartments and on the pump and have no idea where this would be and I have even read in the owner's manual for the Sealand/Vacuflush system that there is a fuse/circuit breaker. I also did just recently swap 3 new batteries in for the old batteries, so I probably tripped something, because I had also tripped the breaker on the generator for the air conditioning. Can anyone confirm this and if this is most likely the case where these the breaker or fuse for this would be? Thank you!
  6. Just got a new to us 280 SSI model year 2001 and was hopeful for some insight. The toilet onboard appears to be a vacu flush unit but it doesn't have the "action" that happens during the flush that our 350 Signature has. I didn't get much instruction from the marina where we purchased it because they are not a Chaparral dealership and didn't know much about the boat really. So I'm wondering if I have all the right systems turned on. I see switches in the head compartment but then I notice on the helm there is a toggle switch that reads "sump pump" so does that need to be on as well? Thanks.
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