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Found 10 results

  1. Any one can tell me what is the total weight on this boat incuiding trailer. I mean actual weight with fuel and gear ready to go? Thank you
  2. Mitchzimy

    Towing w/256 SSI

    Hi, I currently have a 2007 256 SSI and I'm wondering if there is a way to add the pop-up tow hook in the swim platform. My buddy has a 256 SSX that has one. It looks like my swim platform has the same features and it could possibly just be swapped out.
  3. dbf-boater

    2007 Signature 250 Trailer Help

    I bought my 2007 Chap Signature 250 last summer. I love the boat. It came without a trailer and now I am starting to research trailers. I will be towing it from Charleston to Seattle next year and decided to tow it myself rather than having it shipped. I just purchased a 2004 Ford Excursion and will be getting it ready to head west next year. Now I need some input on the right trailer. I'm guessing my boat is between 7500 and 8000 lbs. It has the Arch, the upgraded rear seat lounger, a generator and AC. Thoughts? I'm also curious if anyone has the same boat (or close) what type of trailer they have and how it's working out for them. I've been reading up on bunk vs. roller. Any input would be appreciated.
  4. I was coming from the Cape Cod Canal going towards Boston. The sea was very flat, about 4 to 6" waves so I was going about 27 to 28 knots. For the ocean, I was flying. Around Plymouth, a diver in his wet suit about 1/4 mile away in a 14' skiff starts waving a divers flag. At first I thought he was trying to tell us that there was a diver in the water. But something was not right, so I slowed down and he said the his engine would not start. We were about 3 miles off shore and he wanted a tow into shore. Meaning, bring him in to a 4 or 500 feet and drop him off and he was going to swim in. I did not like that idea, not knowing the area and if something happened to him it would be on me. I asked him, do you have ores? He said just one. Do you want me to call Sea Tow? No, I have no credit card. No VHF and no cell phone. My wife give him a 50' line and he wanted to hold it in tow. I said no and cleat it off. I said, I am calling the Harbor Master and towed him at headway speed towards the harbor. Now he is bitching that the Harbor Master will tow him into the harbor and not to the shore line were he wants to go. I told him, Thats not safe, I don't know the shore line and there could be rocks. It not happening!! I got on 16, hailed the Harbor Master and 25 minutes later they took him from me. But the whole time he was bitching about it. I though maybe he had something to hide. Lobsters or something like that........... My wife was telling him..... Look, you have one ore, no VHF, no cell phone, engine that won't start, diving alone you are not doing to good here. Now your in tow and now you belong to us so were doing the right thing.
  5. caphilli

    Towing Capacity

    I'm looking to get the new 2015 GMC Canyon V6. It's rated to tow up to 7,000lbs, but I wanted to get your thoughts on towing our 2005 Chaparral 236. What do you think? Will the truck be enough? Side note: We have another car that we usually use to tow it, this is just a secondary truck.
  6. krmartonik

    Considering new GMC/ Chev

    Considering going from the 2004 GMC 2500HD 6.0 gas to a new 1500 GMC or Chev 5.3. Has anybody towed with one of these? I definatly think the 2500 Diesel is awesome but is probably more than I really will need. We are only about 6,000 lbs all loaded up and it appears that the new 1/2 tons are rated the same as the old 3/4 ton? My thought is that the 1/2 ton will ride nicer empty and get much better gas milage. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  7. Well, the old '01 Suburban finally showed her age and got retired last weekend prior to our vacation trip. I just purchased a '13 Ford F-150 Platinum SuperCrew with the 3.5L EcoBoost. I've always been a V-8 bigot when it comes to trucks but I have to say no complaints here. I had just read the article in Boating magazine a couple days earlier that compared the F-150 XLT package with 3.5L V-6 EcoBoost to the F-150 Raptor with the 6.2L V-8 and the results from the editor's comparison was the V-6 matched up to the V-8 in basically every category. I took a deep breath and bought the V-6 EcoBoost based on that article and validated the results for myself on its inaugural trip. The owner's manual said not to do any towing until after the first 1,000 miles. Oopsie.... Quick Summary: Highway: 65mph, 1500RPM, 11 MPG with ~600 lbs of occupants and gear in the truck, ~6500 lbs of trailer, boat, fuel, and gear behind the hitch. I have the 3.31 rear-end which is rated for 9200 lbs towing. At the ramp: Steeper than normal incline with loose gravel at the top and scattered down to the waterline. 4WD-Low, both backing down and pulling out - no problems whatsoever. The EcoBoost turbo kicks in at 1200RPM so the added torque comes in almost from the start and the pullout was smooth as silk. The guy waiting on me was getting ready to launch his 26' Scarab towed by a Chevy 2500 4X4. I got a hat tip from him as I exited the ramp without so much as a single wheel spin. The real story was we arrived at the cabin after midnight and had to take several very hilly backroads to get there, some as steep as 18 degrees (based on the truck's readout - a really cool "Truck App" that Ford includes on the 4X4s) with gravel/asphalt mixed. I used 4WD-Low to navigate the ups and downs and it performed like a champ. Never a slip or slide and the V-6 with turbo assist never even remotely strained under the load. Made me embarassed I ever even worried about it. If you have been wondering about the tow-worthiness of the turbo V-6 versions of the F-150, here's at least one anecdotal case study for your consideration.
  8. jdl110

    287 ssx weight question

    HI All, I am a new member to the site from Illinois near chicago. I have some questions regarding actual weight estimates of the 287 ssx / 276 ssx with trailer and half a tank of fuel and gear etc. I have a chevy duramax with a class V hitch rated at 18,000 lbs and Tongue weight of 2700 lbs. THe kicker is my truck has an 8 inch lfit kit so i need a drop receiver. My drop receiver is rated for 15,000 lbs and 1500 lbs tongue weight. The truck has EFI live and a stage 5 built trans with a tow tune What would be an estimated weight of this boat and trailer? Would my setup based on the ratings be within weight limits? We are planning on trailering the boat to the ozarks 4 or 5 times a summer as well as local area waters like lake geneva, fox lake and lake michigan. Thanks for all your help Jonathan
  9. rzrbckchap

    2013 Tow Vehicle Poll

    We are in the process of researching/ buying a new Tow/ Everyday Truck. Which 1/2 Ton Truck with Max Tow and Integrated Trailer Brake Control would you choose to pull: 1. Boat Weight Dry: 6,800lbs 2. Gear and Fuel: 500-750lbs 3. Trailer Weight: 1,700-2000lbs 4. Trailer Details: EZLOADER - Steel Triple Axle, Electric Disc Breaks all around 5. Truck carrying 2 Adults Note: We will be towing 10-15 Miles on the weekends in Austin TX Hill Country. rzrbckchap
  10. zeuscamp

    trailering problem

    Had a question about towing my 256 SSI. When going down the interstate, the whole trip I had issue with the whole thing like surging and bucking. Am wondering if there is a correct hieght my hitch should be, or are the surge brakes giving me issues? Has anyone had this problem? and how did you correct it ? Thanks