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Found 35 results

  1. Any one can tell me what is the total weight on this boat incuiding trailer. I mean actual weight with fuel and gear ready to go? Thank you
  2. Brian - VA

    Chaparral 21 Fish and Ski Trailer

    Does anyone know the weight of the 21' fish and ski trailer? I'm trying to figure out the total tow weight of the boat plus trailer.
  3. Lewlam

    Signature 310 - Trailer

    Anyone trailer a Signature 310? I’m looking to move from A to B (60 miles) and have access to a Venture triaxle VATB-9600 (rated 11,160 GVWR) and the Signature 310 is a 10’ beam at 10,600 lbs. Thanks
  4. Hello, The Admiral and I shopped for months for a new (to us) bowrider to replace our 30 year old Starcraft. She sat on a Chaparral at the boat show, and a Chaparral is what we needed to buy. Two kids in college required us to 'settle' for a 2008 Chaparral SSi 190. Beautiful boat, well cared for, low hours. It's on a LoadRite roller trailer that came with the boat. I bought the boat from the original owner, and the trailer came with the boat new. We trailer regularly.Yesterday I noticed the boat bouncing up off the front rollers leaving the ramp. So I hooked up a video camera and went for a ride. Now this may be normal, but it seems that this boat is not sitting down properly on front set of rollers and is way too loose on the trailer. The rollers are all the way back at the transom. I use transom straps. The boat was pulled up snug to the bow stop.In this video I am leaving the driveway, you can see the boat floating over the forward rollers on the left side: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O_kIeHtX_dIAnd, when I took a 90 degree right turn on a bumpy road, the right side of the boat completely rose up off the rollers in what appears to me to be way too much. 15 second mark: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rm3CzXt3_Wg I've always felt this boat seemed back heavy on the trailer.Can anyone provide any feedback on if this is normal? If not, how to correct? I've gotten suggestions to put a chain pulling down on the bow eye, but I would think if this was the case the boat and trailer would have come equipped as such when new. Thanks.
  5. question: the dealership I am purchasing my 2017 216 SSi wants to sell me a trailer designed for 21 H2O Sport. will it fit?
  6. dbf-boater

    2007 Signature 250 Trailer Help

    I bought my 2007 Chap Signature 250 last summer. I love the boat. It came without a trailer and now I am starting to research trailers. I will be towing it from Charleston to Seattle next year and decided to tow it myself rather than having it shipped. I just purchased a 2004 Ford Excursion and will be getting it ready to head west next year. Now I need some input on the right trailer. I'm guessing my boat is between 7500 and 8000 lbs. It has the Arch, the upgraded rear seat lounger, a generator and AC. Thoughts? I'm also curious if anyone has the same boat (or close) what type of trailer they have and how it's working out for them. I've been reading up on bunk vs. roller. Any input would be appreciated.
  7. MDFLkey

    Bow Eye to Transom Measurement

    Hi, Does anyone know the bow eye to transom/(drain plug) measurement for a 1999 Chaparral 240 Signature. The boat is in the water and that particular measurement is not easy to obtain. I'm considering buying a trailer for a boat I plan on purchasing, and this measurement is needed to setup the trailer. I have not been able to find it in any manual and there seems to be nothing on the web which references this exact measurement. Any help would be greatly appreciated . Thanks, MDFLkey
  8. I have 2004 Heritage Trailer with tandem axles and a surge disc brake system on both axles. I would like to perform some preventative maintenance before I start trailering the boat frequently this season. I have never owned a trailer with surge brakes, but I have worked on several cars & truck brake systems so I am somewhat familiar with brake systems. According to the Heritage trailer website the surge brake system uses either DOT 3 or DOT 4 fluid. Is this correct? I would like to bleed the entire system and replace the fluid and check for leaks. What is the process, and does anyone have links to a guide or something similar? Thank you. Jake
  9. MNBoatingGuy

    Trailer Specs for 183SS

    Hello! I am close to purchasing a 2003 183SS, however, the boat will not be sold with a trailer. I am attempting at purchasing a used trailer to save cost, however, have a few questions to help narrow my search. Any help from this group is much appreciated! 1) Bunk vs. Rollers - I given advice recently to avoid roller trailers as they could leave indentations on the fiberglass hull over time. Has this been anyone's experience? The boat will be stored on the trailer in the offseason. 2) If I do end up purchasing a used bunk trailer, how do I know if the 183SS will fit the bunks properly? 3) Will bunk trailers for other boat manufactures (Glastron for example) fit a 183SS hull? 4) What size trailer will I require? The 183SS is 18ft, 3 inches long. I am assuming a 20 foot trailer but would like to confirm. Any help is appreciated. Thank you!
  10. Duane2135

    Trailer rebuild thread

    I'm starting my trailer rebuild. I've primered much of the trailer, removed fenders to cleanup rust between them and the trailer. While naked I'll replace the bolts bushings and u-bolts with fresh ones. I'll finish it off with new LED lighting with additional brake lights for safety, and final pain will match my truck. I've already freshened up the brakes and re packed bearings. Then I'll finish the project with new wheels that closely resemble my trucks wheels. I've always thought it would be cool to have a matching rig. before: http://s1050.photobucket.com/user/duane652000/media/IMG_2565_zpsk9llcymk.jpg.html http://s1050.photobucket.com/user/duane652000/media/IMG_1616_zpsyk5d3rb3.jpg.html http://s1050.photobucket.com/user/duane652000/media/before%20pin%20stripe%20removal_zpsbvsswnhj.jpeg.html Beginning: http://s1050.photobucket.com/user/duane652000/media/IMG_3268_zps8a8vakzp.jpg.html http://s1050.photobucket.com/user/duane652000/media/IMG_3398_zpso1lajfa6.jpg.html
  11. ahendri

    Trailer Hub/Grease

    My family has had boats for many years so I am no stranger to them and the routine maintenance that goes with them. With that said it's that time to pack wheel bearings on the trailer. I've noticed that I'm having trouble with one seal that is going through a lot of grease. I'll have to fill the bearing buddy usually before each trip. I should say that a trip for me is about 300 miles round trip. I've torn it down once this year and notice the ever so slight flat spot on the spindle. you almost need a micrometer to tell. I'm thinking this is the source of my grease leak as the seal is new but i'm getting grease coming out the back side. Does anyone have any tips for this issue? I'm hoping i'm not going to be in the market for a new spindle. My second question is on grease for trailer bearings. My family and I have been using a brand called Hydrotex synthetic grease it's in a white tube and the grease is purple. It's great stuff we haven't been able to find a substitute for it. With that said it's becoming harder and harder to find. Has anyone ever heard of this grease and know where to find it online? I can't seem to find it anywhere in my local boat shops. If not do you use a grease that you love for your trailer bearings?
  12. Girraf

    What is this?

    2 weeks ago, I installed a new Titan model 60 leverlock surge brake actuator. I filled the reservoir and attempted to bleed the brakes (using a vacuum pump) but could not get them to draw fluid to to the wheels. I gave up and trailered the boat to its storage area and walked away. Fast forward to tonight, I visited the boat and upon inspecting the master cylinder, i found it now empty, and this black rubber piece sitting upright inside, but not directly beneath the fill cap. The empty reservoir was not surprising as I suspected a leak anyway, just means Its time to replace the lines as well but thats a winter project. I need some help identifying that black peice. I don't see it on the exploded diagram of the unit. Anyone recognize what this is?
  13. I'm officially in the Boat Club - Bust Out Another Thousand. This forum gave me great info on my problem and wanted to also post a thread regarding my torsion axle issues to help the next person. On the return maiden voyage of my 2007 Chaparral 190 SSI (my 1st boat) I proudly looked in the passenger side mirror admiring my freshly fixed side marker lights glowing proudly when I saw smoke, lots of smoke followed by a screeching sound and a heavy tug on my GMC 1500. I thought to myself, welcome to boat ownership, 1st world problems. Luck was on my side, I was a few hundred years from my house, was able to back it in the garage for a closer inspection. A clear torsion axle failure. I'm technical but not very mechanical. Per research contacted UFP and they are sending my a replacement. The Axle S/N was the most needed information and on my 2007 Prestige trailer it was a welded plaque near the center of the axel. The part should be here in a week or two. If anyone has a good resource on how to replace, my more mechanically inclined friends and I will be replacing with photos and documentation of successes and failures. It seems to be very, very common. My biggest concerns are: How to replace? Did it mess anything else up? Disc brakes. What did I do wrong? hitch height Understanding torsion axels, surge disc breaks, and just a general check list outside tire pressure, lugs, and general safety precautions. Given the history of these failed parts I am very surprised a recall has not occurred. http://www.ufpnet.com/ContactUs/tabid/60/Default.aspx 1041 Baxter Lane Winchester, TN 37398 Telephone: (931) 967-5101 (800) 835-9211 Fax: (931) 967-1828 Email: dbackussr@ufpnet.com Warranty Form
  14. JP30076

    Trailer sizing ROAD KING

    Okay--I've seen a bunch of posts on trailers that are too small. As I have shopped, I have found a very well priced Road King Tandem. The weight rating meets my needs and then some. As I was shopping I realized I may have been looking at trailer that is longer than needed. I am shopping used (but this one is nearly brand new--i know its origin and why its so new). Last boat I had came with a matched trailer from the factory--never had to think this through. My boat: 2004 Chaparral 230 SSI--22'10" tip to stern bow hook to stern is listed as 19'2" 8'6' beam 22 degree DR LAO 25' (Bolt on swim platform dry weight 4185b wet weight is more like 5100lbs The trailer I found is a 22-24', but i guess I only NEED a 20-22. Since this is theoretically an adjustable trailer, will i be completely messed up getting the 22-24 length? My assumption is that the boat would sit further forward, and I could adjust the bow stop and potentially the axles to get the tongue weight right. This is the model Road King with Torsion Axles, so is that a limitation to me being able to move them? I understand I will need to balance the trailer and the tongue weight (maybe) and that it is important to have the trailer leveled so I don't mess the tires up. Thoughts?--if anyone can point me to some tech advice that would be great. I called Road King and they told me the recommended for my boat is a 20-22, and i suppose they aren't gonna tell me another trailer for fear of liability. That said, the trailer is a great deal ONLY if it will work. Thoughts? BTW, i know buying new would be great, but I am really trying to stay in a budget. If money were;t an issue, I;d order a custom freshwater build from Loadmaster in Ohio.
  15. JP30076

    Need help Finding a Trailer

    Hi everyone. New to the board. We just found a great 2004 230 SSI with 350 MPI and B3. The previous owner worked it out with me to let me slip the boat there til i find a trailer, but i dont want wear out my welcome. I am trying to NOT have to buy a new trailer. Any ideas where i can find a used trailer (Painted steel or Galv or Aluminum). I want to be sure th trailer is a fit, and I want brakes so some really old ones are not an option. Do you have suggestions? I am guessing an 'adjustable' is the best choice as I look. Load is around 5100lbs with a full tank of gas and water tank filled. Thats not including the 'stuff' that will find a perm home on the boat. Anyone have a suggestion of where to find a solid used or a reasonably priced option? Im in Atlanta and willing to drive 2-3 hours for a solid trailer. If I have to submit to buying a new trailer, whats my best option, considering price is a consideration. I know the trailer will be a tandem, and I am not crazy about a roller trailer--preferring bunks. Help?
  16. cyn5351

    Need Trailer Help

    We purchased a 2004 204 last summer and the trailer that came with it was trash. We've had a terrible time loading and unloading the boat because it just doesn't seem to fit right. Always off center, etc. No real way to go back to the seller and get this resolved. I'm really worried that someone is going to get hurt or something goes wrong. So I'm looking for a trailer and I'm very concerned about the fit. Can't afford to go brand new 4 deer plus so I've been looking used. The dealer has a trailer that was made for a 206 but when sold the buyer didn't want the trailer. I'm wondering if my boat will fit this trailer. Its a little more than I want to pay but its an option.I found another used trailer on Craigslist. Its a roadmaster that was carrying a 22 foot monterey ls 218. the beam for this boat id 8.6 and the beam for my 204 is 8.4. Would this be a good fit. Its about hlaf the price of the dealer trailer. How would you suggest that I ensure the fit? Ask the seller to take it to the lake and load my boat on it? any other suggestions?
  17. My new pickup as a 3 prong male plugs and one female receptor. Problem is my trailer (2005) plug has a 4 prong male plugs with the one female end. The pickup does have the circular 7 way receptor too. How can I hook up the trailer to use the brakes and lights? Thanks for your help!
  18. Hey fellas - It's that time of the season again where I make a significant investment. This year it looks like the trailer is going to get an E-over-H module so I can utilize my brake controller that came on my F-150. That, and I am tired of getting the sphincter factor when I am trailering in a light drizzle and the traffic light 6 car lengths away goes to yellow..... My coupling and braking system is from Tie-Down Engineering but they do not manufacture EoH modules. Anybody got recommendations on module manufacturers and if you have done this as aftermarket, who did your install? Many thanks - Keith
  19. My trailer #%^$&%$ near fits in the garage. I need about 5 more inches and I could close the garage door. So I'm wondering if I move the bow stop / winch forward about 5 inches I could make my new toy fit in my toy box. My calculations tell me I would only be increasing the tongue weight by about 8lbs. So I should be ok......what am I not thinking of?
  20. gsuidiot

    H2O Height on Trailer

    Hi Everyone, I'm in the middle of building a house and have been seriously contemplating the purchase of an H2O 21 Ski & Fish. My concern is that I'm going to buy the boat and get it home to find out I can't squeeze it in the garage. If that's the case, I'll be out additional funds due to off site storage and would regret my purchase. Do most of you store this boat in your garage? If so, what height is the opening on your door? Also, I'd love the tower but I think that may be pushing it. The house is being built with 7' garage doors. What do you think? Thanks!!
  21. SteveFeraru

    How to set up a trailer?

    I have a 1985 Chaparral 238 XLC that is now going to get a special place on a trailer away from the bunk that it has been resting on since 2000. I have a load rite trailer that I think is big enough for it, but the main question that I have is how do I set the trailer up for the boat? I am wondering if there is any specific measurements that should be taken or set up? the things I am worried about is the width of the bunks, where the bow stop should be placed.
  22. SteveFeraru

    How to set up a trailer?

    I have a 1985 Chaparral 238 XLC that is now going to get a special place on a trailer away from the bunk that it has been resting on since 2000. I have a load rite trailer that I think is big enough for it, but the main question that I have is how do I set the trailer up for the boat? I am wondering if there is any specific measurements that should be taken or set up? the things I am worried about is the width of the bunks, where the bow stop should be placed.
  23. GoosePatrol

    Trailer straps

    A simple question, but not simple enough for me. Those of you may remember that I'm in the midst of selling my place on Smith Mountain Lake and now have to trailer for the first time. Not a big deal, but I don't have the boat in front of me and need to order transom straps (something lime this: http://www.overtons.com/Trailering/Trailer-Locks-Security#filters?do=json&i=1&nav=1&q0=603&q3=Trailering&q4=603J&sort=SC_Units&x0=cat1&x3=t1&x4=cat2&cat_depth=2&matched_cat=603J&ckey=i1nav1q0603q3Traileringq4603JsortSC_Unitsx0cat1x3t1x4cat2) The thing is, without the boat here, I have no clue which size to order. 2x2 seems probably too short but 2x4 seems way too long. I'm strapping my 206 to a newly purchased EZ Loader dual axle trailer. Any thoughts for a 3-year Chap owner, but a noob trailer man?
  24. There are probably several members who already know this but for those who might not, I want to share some knowledge I just obtained last week. I bought a 2013 F-150 EcoBoost to tow my 246. It has been a complete pleasure and is meeting all of my expectations. One of the features I absolutely required was the integral trailer brake controller (TBC) option. I went through all of the information in the owner's manual, used the built-in "Truck Apps" and vehicle setup screens on my truck and got everything all set up for my Chap + Tennessee Trailer 5800 series trailer, and set off on my first 700 mile round towing trip. What is not noted in the owner's manual and I did not find anywhere online (or at least it was not obvious in some of the forums I looked at) is that the TBC is completely useless on trailers equipped with hydraulic surge brakes, which most boats in the 26 foot and smaller range almost all seem to have. I don't know about larger boats because my state limits towing to 8' beam by law but those of us with larger bowriders and cuddies with 8'6 beams are also permitted to tow. My TBC did not give me any indication about this -- it just recognized the trailer was connected (actually, that the trailer wiring harness was connected), showed me feedback on the braking "Gain" screen, etc. Regardless of what the system was telling me, the only braking I was getting was from the normal surge brakes on the trailer. Don't get me wrong, the performance of those brakes actually was quite good; I just had a false sense of security that I was actually getting any kind of cooperative effects between my truck brakes and my trailer brakes. In order for trailers equipped with hydraulic surge brakes to function with a TBC, you must install an "electric-over-hydraulic" actuator that takes the electric signal from the TBC and controls the hydraulics in the trailer braking system. Most people I have talked to say this can be done as a DIY project, but I contacted the trailer manufacturer and determined that for me it would be best for me to get it to them (only about 2 hrs away) or a recommended shop in my area to do the work. I prefer the mfr to do it as a mod so they are still on the hook for the performance of their product. If done as a DIY, the E-over-H actuator can be gotten for a few hundred deer online - ranges seem to be from 500 to 700 not including tax or S&H. Hope this helps somebody like me who did not realize this minor detail....
  25. pierreanne

    trailer 2007 180Ssi

    Hi, I`m looking for the specs for this boat in order to buy a trailer. we just bought a 2007 180 Ssi but, it didn`t come with a trailer. If someone could suggest a make or model of trailer. thank you Pierre PS, we are situated in Canada