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Found 10 results

  1. So first of all I'm a newbie. My wife and I bought a 60hp pontoon boat last year and I thought I had this boating thing aced. Launching no problem, docking nothing to it, retrieving/trailering easy breezy. THEN towards the end of this summer we sold the pontoon boat and bought a 22' Chaparral Sunesta 5.0 GXi. HUGE difference! I love the boat but I have SOOOO much to learn, I went from ace to disgrace lol. Launching is no problem but docking is tricky and last time we took her out I scuffed her up trailering her on my guide post. What is a good way to remove the scuff I tried buffing it but may
  2. I'm looking at purchasing a signature 310 or 330 and would appreciate any info owners could offer. Has anyone added a cockpit tv? Has anyone added an extended swim platform? Is maintenance higher on the starboard engine due to lack of space in the engine compartment? Any common problems. Storage seems lacking. Where does the cabin table top store? Is there storage under the bed and seat below the motorized backrest. I've also seen storage compartments on the sides of the v berth and at the head of the v berth as well as in the floor below the table. Do these spaces offer good storage? Is there
  3. Hi, I live in NJ, I'm about to close on a signature 240, and I need to buy a trailer for it. I've been trailering a 20' cuddy for years on a roller trailer with no issues and I love the freedom. We've gotten stuck behind folks trying to pull their boats out of lakes and rivers with bunk trailers several times. Apparently it seems that here in the north east, the ramps are either shorter or shallower and the bunks don't do so well. Since we are buying the boat from a seller further south, everyone down there is pushing bunk trailers. They have me worried about hull damage with rollers and
  4. We will be trailering our 2013 264 Sunesta from New Jersey to the warm waters of Florida for a month! I can't wait to boat on the intracoastal. We 'll be taking 2-3 days to get down there. Any tips from any seasoned Chaparral snowbirds out there?
  5. There are plenty of experts here that know a lot more than me and probably could sum this up in half the words, but since we are getting several first timers with H2Os and bowriders, I thought I would put this out there at least as a starting guide. I tried to be clear and make it a little entertaining.... Good luck first timer Newbies and "first time in 20 years" Newbies, too! Keith's Fool-Proof Boat Launching Procedure, aka Things I learned the easy way from other boaters or the hard way myself: 1. Do ALL your pre-launch prep work AWAY from the ramp. Load the coolers, skis, jackets, towels,
  6. Apparently I'm still several names down the list for a dry rack at the marina so looks like another season trailering. Anybody got any experience or opinions on this device? http://www.thmarine.com/products/Boating-Accessories/Trailering-Aids/Sterndrive-Trailering-Clips
  7. We have a 2007 34' Fleetwood Bounder with a Triton V10. Our boat and trailer weigh approximately 5500 pounds. Our we safe to pull the boat with our RV? Any suggestions or tips?
  8. I live in Wisconsin and boat on the Madison Lakes. Unfortunately, the lakeside attractions are sparse, due mostly to the local government agencies having a giant tree trunk up their arses. So, I started checking out surrounding areas for new lakes to explore. Finding the local knowledge on the lakes is a bit more challenging. Then I came across Active Captain: https://activecaptain.com/index.php I searched and didn't see much mention of it here. My area doesn't seem to have a large catalog of data points, but in other more popular areas, there seem to be many bits of coveted local knowle
  9. Well my wife and I decided to pick up a summer location in North Central Arkansas near the White River and Bull Shoals Lake. What a natural beauty that part of the country is, with supreme Trout fishing and crystal clear waters, hiking, hunting, and boating. With that, we are in the process of evaluating a move for our boat. For those 276/287 SSX Com-padres out there I need your help. What is the bunk measurement or placement on your trailered 276/287 SSX? I am working with a new marina and they need to know what size trailer and bunk placement they need so they can help me move my boat. OH,
  10. Had a question about towing my 256 SSI. When going down the interstate, the whole trip I had issue with the whole thing like surging and bucking. Am wondering if there is a correct hieght my hitch should be, or are the surge brakes giving me issues? Has anyone had this problem? and how did you correct it ? Thanks
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