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Found 8 results

  1. Need to replace a failing transducer on a 2020 Chaparral. Anyone have information on what sealant was used at the factory? Pieboy
  2. I ordered the replacement p66 transducer and found a manual for the dsm250 in with my Raymarine C80 Manuals, does anyone know where this unit would be mounted? I have the wiring for the old transducer I can trace but after it comes in the boat it looks like it is fed in with a zillion other cables into the front somewhere. Any advice or help would rock Jeff 2004 chaparral 330 signature
  3. Hi All, I have a 2013 Chaparral 246 SSI purchased August last year, since I purchased it the depth finder has never work, my dealer spoke to chaparral and concluded that the transducer must be faulty. They have supplied me with a new one free of charge, but i am wondering how easy it is to replace this now I have it, and where about it is located? The depthfinder on my boat is linked to the smart craft gauges so it is digital, there is not a dedicated depth finder gauge. Any help or advice would be appriciated!
  4. ahendri

    Depth Sounder

    I have noticed on the last couple outings that my depth sounder (Faria in hull) is giving me false readings. The boat is 13 years old so it may very well be time to replace the unit. The boat has never been painted or anything like that to interfere with the unit. Does anyone have any tips for removing the old puck and installing a new one? What adhesives do you use to glue it back and how do you remove them without damaging the fiberglass? Or if you know of something to try and get mine working that would be great too.
  5. Fellow Chapers, I want to install a fishfinder with transducer on my cuddy cabin. Currently, i have a depth gauge wire on the back next to my outdrive which runs underneath my swim deck into my boat. When i lift my engine hatch there is a space behind my engine i cant see into because of the fiberglass design. Granted, i can take a longer look tomorrow when i go boating. Most people say tape teh wire to the existing and pull thru, but im not removing my dpeth gauge, so this is a more customer install. How do i run this cable to my sterring wheel area where teh fish finder will be installed? Has anyone did this before?
  6. What is the normal operating procedure for scuppers with check valves? When I purchased the boat the starboard side valve was closed and the port side was open. I would imagine that you would want to keep them open so that the internal flapper valves functions normally. Also, there is a wire leading into the starboard side valve which can be seen in the 2nd image below. I am guessing this is the transducer for the depth gauge?
  7. Well since winter is in full affect I have been making a list of all the stuff I want to fix/upgrade on my Chap. My 230ssi has a Hummingbird HDR600 depth sounder with a thru-hull transducer. Well long story short the 15 yr transducer has read its last depth and is in need of replacement. Dilemma: It looks at Hummingbird has discontinued the HDR600 and will not support this model any more. They currently have a HDR610 and a HDR650 in their product line. Does anyone know if the thru-hull transducers for the 610/650 are compatible to the older model HDR600? I have tried to contract Hummingbird directly but haven't gotten a response yet. It would be ideal just to replace the transducer and not the entire depth finder set up, but with my unit being 15 yrs old it might just be time to upgrade the entire system.
  8. I just bought a 260 Signature and getting ready to put in a Garmin 740s GPS with Sonar. Should I put in Through Hull Transducer or Glue in bottom of Hull Tranducer?
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