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Found 6 results

  1. Working on 496 Mag Bravo 3. Had water leak at inlet quick connection just above drive shaft on inside of transom. With fitting removed noticed obstruction in line coming from outdrive. Seems to be something made of hard rubber. tried digging out, but it's stubborn. Any ideas?
  2. Considering installing a Transom Shower on my 2006 260 SSI. Any Do's or Don't I should consider?
  3. Hello. I own a Chaparral 2008 236 SSX. IN/OUT 5.0 Volvo Penta. Went out in the water with the g-kids. About 10 or 15 MPH at the St. Petersburg/Tampa channel run aground. Engine shut off. With the help of my g-kids pull the boat back. Jump in the water, was a bit murky, couldn't see the prop well. Feel by hand around the propeller nothing tangle up, no "visible" damage (my hands didn't feel anything out of the ordinary). Once deep enough started the engine. Started perfect, let it run for about a min (neutral), steady and smooth. Normal temp, Oil Pressure, battery charge etc. Shut it down, inspected fluids, hoses again for leaks, or any damages. Nothing visible. Started the engine again. Slowly went to our camping spot. Did the whole inspection again in better visibility water. No visible damage. Took it to the open water and went "pedal to the metal" smooth and find. Here when the problem started: while making turns left/right during the test period notice the boat turns more to the right than to the left. Stopped and try in reverse. Sure enough when turning wheel to the left; very little response. Turn to the right full response. Took the boat home. Out of the water turn the steering full left and right. Sure enough prop is turning more to the right than to the left (by an 1 1/2 to 2 inches), Guys, what did I broke???
  4. Hello Everyone. Hope you guys can help. I have a 2008 236 SSX. Last time I took it out, noticed that the transom indicator (UP or Down) on the console was not indicating properly. I cycle the transom up and down a few times using both switches, the one on the throttle and the one in the back by the radio controller, both work fine. The transom went completely up and down. The indicator on the console only travel a little bit every time, perhaps a 1/4 move from the entire range. What can be causing this wrong indication? Ideas?
  5. towdad


    Ok so I did what most do by mistake but I found and purchased a 85 200xlc for the intent of rebuilding. We looked for a while for a 8 passenger ski boat for the family and couldn't agree on one until we saw this one. My question is can you do a partial fill on transom (seacast or fiberglads) to stop the wood from wicking from the bilge plug? Still will be leaving a 1 to 2 inch below floor line as a ledger to glass new wood in. Any opinions
  6. I have one transom trim switch on the starboard side of my boat, but I would really like it on the port side, but don't want to move and relocate. Can I easily just add another switch and wire them together so I get both to work? Thanks
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