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Found 3 results

  1. Hey guys, posted a while back and received some help from everyone. Here is the update and work done so far... 1. Replaced coil pack 2. Replaced distributor cap, new plugs, new wires, cleaned and set points and timing 3. Replaced alternator 4. Replaced circulation pump and belts 5. Cleaned top half of carb. 6. Cleaned all electrical points we can get to using a Dremel to clean them up. Next trouble shooting issue. We had the boat out the other day and it was running well. Gauges look good, temp, tach, voltage...after about an hour of running it, upon accelerating (pulling up a skier) it starts to cut out, then fires back up, over and over. Set it back to idle, does fine. Go to accelerate again and it does the same thing. I can keep it running to get back to the dock, just cant push it. What have I missed so far. What would be the next steps to check with this issue. Thanks,
  2. I have an annoying whirring sound anytime I turn my drives. It seemed like it was getting worse to is had the pump swapped out but it stayed the same. My mechanic says everything checks out but to confirm any mechanical issues, he'd have to remove the inside manifolds of each engine to get access to the backside. If anyone has any insight, please let me know. Belts and fluids are fine. Thanks
  3. On my Signature 310 with twin 5.7's I hear an aggravating "whirring" sound almost anytime I turn the wheel more than a few degrees, especially after the engines warm up. Fluids and belts check out OK. It seemed like it was getting worse, so had the steering pump swapped out and nothing of significance changed. I have no leaks. I don't appear to have any air in the lines. The steering is relatively smooth, but it just doesn't sound right. My mechanic checked everything as well, but can't confirm if there are any mechanical issues without removing the inside manifold of each motor to get access to the steering yolk (not sure if that is the right word). If mechanical, he says the engines and drives would have to be pulled to correct. Obviously I'd like to avoid both of these steps, so I'm praying someone has had a similar experience in the past and might know how to resolve. Thanks.