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Found 9 results

  1. New upholstery in 2002 233 Sunesta almost complete - only bolster seat remains. Should be completely done by the weekend.
  2. Hello- I couldn't find a link, so I hope this isn't a repeat. I have a 2004 230 SSI. The color scheme is listed as Champagne for interior. I spoke to Robin at chaparral customer service, but haven't heard back whether she can provide further details. Does anyone know the names for the vinyl colors? I think there are three colors in the scheme. Great Lakes Skipper has the right vinyl--its foam backed so my upholstery shop recommended trying to find OEM overstock, but there are few colors that are really close. Im just not sure of the individual chaparral color numbers. I will eventually replace the entire interior so I plan to buy enough to do the whole boat. I know if I buy new stock, there will be difference in the color due to the sun-- I can live with that until the redo is done, just need to get the project started. Right now, the biggest need is the off white that is the majority of the upholstery color. Your help is appreciated. I am also open to any other resources you have.... Thanks!!!!
  3. Jo-lene

    New upholstery

    THE CHAPARRAL 256 SSI 2005 BABY NEEDS NEW UPHOLSTERY. Does anybody knows where can I find a tutorial video I need to take a part all the upholstery to save some $$$$$$. Any hints ???? Thanks
  4. Just bought an '04 Chap 330 and trying to address a few things inside the cabin. The first thing is reupholstering the fabric-covered panels on both sides of the mirror in the V-berth/dinette area since they seem to have gotten those water stains that most Chap 330's have gotten from a leak in the anchor locker. The previous owner sealed everything up and fixed the leak, but never redid the fabric-covered panels. I removed both of them and will be getting some new fabric this weekend. The other thing I need to address, and this is where I really need the Forum's help, is fixing the headliner in the ceiling panel that's over your head as soon as you come downstairs into the cabin. It's not sagging too bad...most wouldn't even notice it, but I'm 6'2", so I'd like to make it nice and tight again, as headroom is at a premium for a guy my size. The ceiling is comprised of several upholstered panels which contain vinyl-covered "buttons". I'm thinking that in order to remove the ceiling panels to tackle the headliner I need to start with removing those "buttons", but 1) I'm not sure if that's how I should approach this, and 2) I'm not exactly sure how to remove those buttons. I don't know if they just pop off with a good tug, and if they do, are they reusable (will they simply "pop" back on?, will i need to buy new ones?, etc.). Does anyone have any experience with removing the ceiling panels and/or know how to remove the vinyl-covered buttons? Thanks. Mike
  5. ed si

    boat upholstery

    i went to the upholstery shop today , what a decision to come up with, finally went with blue and white upholstery , i had the shop owner get the 9 yards in stock, hope that will be enough,
  6. i went to the upholstery shop today , what a decision to come up with, finally went with blue and white upholstery , i had the shop owner get the 9 yards in stock, hope that will be enough,
  7. Does anyone have a manufacture or color number for the off white/light camel color for a 2004 260ssi cushion? Need one redone and trying to get info besides just eyeballing...which i guess will need to be done anyway
  8. Hi all, I just bought the boat in the title. I am wondering if anyone know where or how to buy a bow filler cushion because it didn't come with one. thanks!
  9. I have a 1999 Sig 300 that needs to have the Dining area seat cushions re-covered. Only problem is - can't figure out how to remove the darn back seat cushion that's attached to the forward berth. Took out all the screws I could find but it refuses to come off. Anyone found the "secret" for removal. Thanks.
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