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Found 4 results

  1. Hello- I couldn't find a link, so I hope this isn't a repeat. I have a 2004 230 SSI. The color scheme is listed as Champagne for interior. I spoke to Robin at chaparral customer service, but haven't heard back whether she can provide further details. Does anyone know the names for the vinyl colors? I think there are three colors in the scheme. Great Lakes Skipper has the right vinyl--its foam backed so my upholstery shop recommended trying to find OEM overstock, but there are few colors that are really close. Im just not sure of the individual chaparral color numbers. I will eventually replace the entire interior so I plan to buy enough to do the whole boat. I know if I buy new stock, there will be difference in the color due to the sun-- I can live with that until the redo is done, just need to get the project started. Right now, the biggest need is the off white that is the majority of the upholstery color. Your help is appreciated. I am also open to any other resources you have.... Thanks!!!!
  2. I posted here about a year ago about my 2012 Chap H20 19 Sport's vinyl developing reddish/pinkish colored spots all over it. That thread was for whatever reason deleted after a few days. Well I'm happy to say that after over a year of complaining about it and being blown off by both my local dealer and Chaparral, they replaced my entire interior this spring. Dealer said Chaparral had admitted having problems with vinyl discoloration from a supplier they no longer used. Persistance pays off eventually I guess, and I'm a happy camper now. I also had to have the radio replaced, apart from that everything is going well with 70 hours on the clock. Thanks to everyone who gave me input on that long forgotten thread. Here's a picture of the 2006 World's Strongest Man wakeboarding behind my H20 for your troubles.
  3. This is from a 2003 Chaparral 276. The navy vinyl has been destroyed by the UV....
  4. sixpats

    need new seats

    The "warm" winter we had in New York a couple of years ago ruined my vinyl seats. It was shrink wrapped and there was a clog under the gas tank that blocked drainage and mildew destroyed my seats, etc. No cleaning application has worked and they are done. I want to replace the seats, Chaps seats woud be great but I can't seem to find anyting like them on line. My boat is a 2000 SSI 216 and I would start with the back to back bucket reclining seats. Has anyone replaced their seats or know where to find them?
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