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Found 2 results

  1. PackerFan


    Trying to decide between vortex 203 twin 150's vs vortex 223 twin 200's. Really like the space for ten, but will only need it few times per summer...mostly with kids...Almost wonder if 223 is too much boat. Replacing old seadoo 185 Challenger. Almost $10,000 difference....noticed the 203 was a bit lighter...will that appreciably affect the ride in slight chop? Appreciate any thoughts...! PackerFan
  2. SM_2016_Vortex223-VRX

    Vortex 223 VRX Gas Gauge Fuel Warning Concerns

    We purchased last Spring (2016) a brand new Vortex 223 VRX. First - I do love this boat, there are pros and cons (Dang this boat is LOUD), but right now the pros outweigh the cons. But since purchasing the boat, I have had fuel gauge accuracy issues on the Medallion Screen. The first issue was literally topping off the fuel and the medallion screen will never registered a full reading. Always off by about 1/4 of a tank right at the fuel dock. Obviously underway and moving the gauge will creep towards full before the boat planes off, but when the boat is plane, parked, at the dock, or on the lift - the gauge will never reach Full, only 3/4. Is this normal for others who own this make/model? The Chaparral dealer considered ordering a new "sending unit", but their tech tried some other adjustments that appeared to help for about one weekend, but then returned to the inaccuracies soon afterwards. I just decided, I could probably live with the inadequacy, but this summer (2017) the problem seems to be worse and I get low fuel warnings frequently after having filled the boat up earlier in the day. I have documented pretty well the gauge reading and warnings and how much fuel we add after those readings and warning to estimate how much fuel is actually left. Before disclosing those readings, I was hoping to get some documented response from Chaparral on a few questions in regards to the gauge reading on a 2016 vortex 223 vrx with medallion screen. So - My boat specs say I have a 52 gallon tank. 1st question for Chaparral or other vortex owners with the same specs as I ... Do other owners also have issue that after they top off their boat with fuel, their fuel gauge is reading closer to 3/4 full instead of full? 2nd question: When your gauge reads 1/2 of fuel - how many gallons of fuel would you expect to be left or how many gallons would you expect to add to the boat to fill it up? (seems logical with a 52 gallon tank, but my experience is anything but). 3rd question: When the "low fuel warning" comes on (usually around 1/4 of a tank), about how many gallons of fuel would be expected to be in the tank? So in other words Chaparral and other Vortex Owners - at a 1/4 and/or when the "low fuel warning" is displayed on the medallion screen - how much fuel would you estimate would still be in your 52 gallon tank at this point? I know answers will vary, but I am just needing to find averages to go on so that I can determine if this is an actual problem, or if the gauges on fuel in this boat are this inaccurate and unreliable. This is not my first boat, I have owned about a dozen different makes and models over my lifetime, and some have had accurate and dependable gauges for fuel, others - not so much. I just sort of expected a boat of this caliber and technology to have something a little more accurate and dependable. So fellow Vortex owners or Chaparral reps/techs, please let me know your thoughts and experience with this. I need to know if I need to press for a repair or warranty concern, or if it "is what it is" scenario. Thank you, SM