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Found 16 results

  1. I have a 19’ Vortex 203...Has anyone looked into or have a quick disconnect for the wakeboard tower? I’m looking at making my garage opening taller, but it would fit without the tower. I know other brands have quick disconnects for the tower, and this would be ideal and I’m sure a heck of a lot cheaper. Thanks for any advice. -Bryan
  2. Hello all, looking for some information before we pull the trigger. Wife and I grew up boating and are looking at a 19 Vortex 203 VRX leftover. It has the 300HP Rotax, and was curious on if anyone felt a power lag. Growing up a boat we had was a Baja jet, and although things can obviously change over the years, it almost had an acceleration power lag. It will be primarily used for wakeboarding, tubing, and skiing. We have young kids so I am not worried about it having enough power for them, but what about me? I am 6'0, 200lbs and although the dealer is saying it should have no problem pulling me, I am cautious. I know it won't pull like the Mastercrafts do, but will I still be able to slice without having to use arm strength to compensate for boat power. Anyone have any regrets with it? Anyone care on sharing the deals they were able to make on one? Thanks, -Bryan
  3. We just purchased a 2017 Vortex with surf platform and no matter what we do, we cannot maintain a good enough wake to surf behind. Was it good marketing or is there a trick to be able to surf behind this Vortex? Speed? Ballast? What is the deal?
  4. Hi all. We have put a deposit down on a Vortex 203 VRX. We will be doing an on-water test next week and hopefully finalizing the purchase. I have a question for all the 203 owners out there with the single Rotax 250 HP engine. Is it enough to pull a medium sized slalom skier up from a deep-water start? I'm much more interested in fuel economy than going super fast...but I do need it to have enough grunt to pull a skier out of the water. My dealership is telling me that the Rotax will supply plenty of power...but I'm not convinced. I spent 15 years skiing behind a Bayliner with a 135 HP I/O prop set-up. It had barely enough power to ski behind...I know 250 is a lot more but then I've read that jet HP is not equivalent to prop HP...is this true? I would normally just get in the water and test it out for myself...but we are several months away from warm enough weather up North to even attempt getting wet. And I don't think the break-in restriction programming would even allow us to get up to ski speeds for the first 10 hours anyways.
  5. We purchased last Spring (2016) a brand new Vortex 223 VRX. First - I do love this boat, there are pros and cons (Dang this boat is LOUD), but right now the pros outweigh the cons. But since purchasing the boat, I have had fuel gauge accuracy issues on the Medallion Screen. The first issue was literally topping off the fuel and the medallion screen will never registered a full reading. Always off by about 1/4 of a tank right at the fuel dock. Obviously underway and moving the gauge will creep towards full before the boat planes off, but when the boat is plane, parked, at the dock, or on the lift - the gauge will never reach Full, only 3/4. Is this normal for others who own this make/model? The Chaparral dealer considered ordering a new "sending unit", but their tech tried some other adjustments that appeared to help for about one weekend, but then returned to the inaccuracies soon afterwards. I just decided, I could probably live with the inadequacy, but this summer (2017) the problem seems to be worse and I get low fuel warnings frequently after having filled the boat up earlier in the day. I have documented pretty well the gauge reading and warnings and how much fuel we add after those readings and warning to estimate how much fuel is actually left. Before disclosing those readings, I was hoping to get some documented response from Chaparral on a few questions in regards to the gauge reading on a 2016 vortex 223 vrx with medallion screen. So - My boat specs say I have a 52 gallon tank. 1st question for Chaparral or other vortex owners with the same specs as I ... Do other owners also have issue that after they top off their boat with fuel, their fuel gauge is reading closer to 3/4 full instead of full? 2nd question: When your gauge reads 1/2 of fuel - how many gallons of fuel would you expect to be left or how many gallons would you expect to add to the boat to fill it up? (seems logical with a 52 gallon tank, but my experience is anything but). 3rd question: When the "low fuel warning" comes on (usually around 1/4 of a tank), about how many gallons of fuel would be expected to be in the tank? So in other words Chaparral and other Vortex Owners - at a 1/4 and/or when the "low fuel warning" is displayed on the medallion screen - how much fuel would you estimate would still be in your 52 gallon tank at this point? I know answers will vary, but I am just needing to find averages to go on so that I can determine if this is an actual problem, or if the gauges on fuel in this boat are this inaccurate and unreliable. This is not my first boat, I have owned about a dozen different makes and models over my lifetime, and some have had accurate and dependable gauges for fuel, others - not so much. I just sort of expected a boat of this caliber and technology to have something a little more accurate and dependable. So fellow Vortex owners or Chaparral reps/techs, please let me know your thoughts and experience with this. I need to know if I need to press for a repair or warranty concern, or if it "is what it is" scenario. Thank you, SM
  6. I hit 25 hours on my 2016 Vortex 223 VRX my last time out on the lake which set two error messages on the display: "port engine maintenance required" and "starboard engine maintenance required". The 25 hour scheduled maintenance consists of an oil change and basic inspection, but my dealer wanted $479 (pre-tax) for this service! Two "Sea-Doo XPS 4-Stroke Synthetic Blend Oil Change Kits" from Amazon for $65 each showed up at my house a few days later. It took me and my nine year old son less than an hour to perform the 25 hour service this afternoon. The manuals that came with the boat/engines explain the process fairly well, but they do not mention how to clear the alarm code on the cockpit display. Does anyone know how to clear the maintenance alarm codes? I called Chaparral for this answer, but they told me to contact my dealer. Based on what my dealer wanted to charge for this service, I suspect that he will be less than friendly to help me. Google suggested that holding "set" and "mode" for 3 seconds would solve this on scarab jet boats which use the same engines, but this did not work for me. Any help is appreciated.
  7. I have a 2015 Vortex VRX 223 and am trying to find out how many hours are on the boat. I have looked through all the screens on the Medallion display. Can anyone assist me in finding the hour meter?
  8. G'day. New to the Chapparral Vortex - have the 203 twin engine and I like it. I heard there is a way to adjust something so that it does NOT move at idle. I've worked out pretty much how to do this manually, moving into and out of reverse, but would like a solution for my family - they are scared of it!! thanks,
  9. We purchased a 2015 Chaparral 223 Vortex new from the dealer and have had minor issues with it since our purchase. It all started with the shifter being difficult to return to neutral. 3 years later we finally got Chaparral to warranty the part that was supposedly causing the problem. We get the boat home, put it in the water. and not only do we still have the same issue, but now, our boat is showing 7 different errors and our depth finder is non-operational. Check Engine (STBD), Check Engine (PORT), Low Battery Voltage, P0300 (STBD), P0302 (STBD), P0303 (STBD) and P0562 (PORT). Can anyone help with these codes and does anyone know if they are caused by a bad battery? Thanks
  10. Does anyone know if you can upgrade from a standard gauge cluster to the Medallion Viper 2? If so, can anyone share their experience on how that went and if it is even worth it to do that? Thanks in advance!
  11. I have a 2018 Chaparral Vortex 203 VRX that I purchased in June 2017. In August I discovered that both of my batteries were getting fully discharged after after the boat would sit on a lift for 4-5 days. I recharged the battery with charger I bought in the Walmart and in 2 days they got discharged again. Then the engine light came on... I took the boat to the dealer - the Advanced Marina of Ocean City, MD - and they detected that an electric fuse for the bilge pump got blown and as a result there were some water - a few gallons - on the bottom of the engine compartment which seems to have affected the alternator (which would explain why batteries were loosing its power). The bilge pump seems to have been not pumping water out as a result and somehow also causing the batteries to discharge. While I always turn the batteries switch to the zero position (OFF), the bilge pump is connected to the battery directly. The dealer ordered parts that are needed for repairs and will check with Chaparral if these repairs would be covered by Chaparral as a warranty items since there was a defective electric fuse that caused the further damage to the bilge and alternator. Meanwhile, I don't have my brand new boat now for two weeks of our pretty short boating season of 12-16 weeks as it sits in the dealer's repair facility waiting for parts. Has anyone discovered this issue with the bilge pump and failed electric fuses? I will update you all on whether Chaparral agreed to cover these repairs under the warranty. Cheers. Alex.
  12. I recently purchased a 2016 203 Vortex VRX and there is minimal instruction for the standard dash panel (Non Touchscreen). I am more than positive that I was scrolling through the data on the on the LCD screen and saw a depth indicator. For the life of me, I cannot manage to get back to it. I am starting to wonder if I was mistaken on seeing it in the first place. Can anyone be of assistance, as the dealer and countless hours of research have left me empty handed. Thank you in advance.
  13. We are finally back in a Chaparral. Had a 276 SSX until the economy tanked in 2009. Now with only one left in college, we pulled the trigger on a 223 VRX and could not be happier. Went with the smaller and lighter boat so we can trailer it. We have been taking day trips on all of the lakes around the Kansas City area. Love being able to knock off work early on a Friday and drop her in for a couple of hours. Have a safe and fun summer all.
  14. Lateral thrust control system is connected to the throttle cable by a flimsy 1/4 inch bolt. The bolf snapped in half today in the marina after launching into the water. Boat had to be towed back to the slip. This deisgn is flawed. Dealer will be contacted. Has anyone else had an issue?
  15. Just got a 2016 223 Vortex VRX with the ASP (Aerial Surf Platform) and am looking for tips and suggestions on setting the boat up for the best wave to surf. Speed, ballast, should i be making a minor turn also. also, is there a specific board that works best with the ASP wave? how far back from the rear of the boat is the sweet spot with the most push? also looking for suggestions on keeping the rope from getting stuck in the wake when pulling a tube. i have only been on the boat twice but have been unable to swing the tube from one side of the wake to the other when pulling the kids on the tube. the rope seems to get stuck and hung in the wake stopping all the swing momentum. anyone else experience this of have a solution? thx
  16. Does anyone know what model speakers, amp(s), sub, & tower speakers are in the 2017 vortex 223 VRX with the wet sounds upgrade? We are selling our 2015 223 VRX for a 2017 and I'm considering the upgrade on the new one.
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