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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, just purchased a used 2019 H2O ski and fish, with four years of remaining warranty. I have found a variety of methods for transferring the warranty from the previous owner, but cannot verify the documentation and cost. Do I register documentation with Chaparral, Mercury or both. I wrote an email a few days ago to the local Chaparral dealer, but never received a response. Any assistance would be appreciated.
  2. Back in the spring of 2010 I noticed my trailer receiver on the truck was getting rusty and since it was rated 6000. I decided to do a little research for a new one. Found a Company in Eau Claire, Wi called Curt Mfg. every thing Made in The USA. Was only looking for a Class IV but the Class V 's were cheaper so why not. Any way noticed the trailer seemed a little sloppy while towing, on further inspection of the hitch I noticed the holes had rounded out.... Wednesday AM, I give a call to Curt Mfg. and the guy on the phone says send him some pictures. I asked how long before I get and answer, He says you'll most likely be getting a new one after I get the pictures he also says No Charge! WHAT FREE... All I have to do is send the old one back and they're paying for the return too. Well Saturday Afternoon we get home from a Cross-Country meet and guess what is sitting on the front porch. And this one is rated 16k 17k wd. Off with the old on with the new
  3. Last month I purchased a new Caparral at the local boat show. One of the features being pitched was the "Boat Show" special that included a free 2 year extended warranty in addition to the standard 3 year warranty. As I looked through all the documentation that I received with the boat there is nothing indicating that I have anything other than the standard 3 year warranty. A call to the dealer gets me a "yes, you absolutely have a 3 + 2 year extended warranty with your new boat". He could not give me any documentation or reference to any documentation proving such extended coverage when I asked for it. After all, we all know boat dealers can come and go, sales reps come and go, and there may be nothing more than the documentation in my hand to substantiate coverage under a manufacturer warranty claim 4 or 5 years from now. The sales rep has a call in to the manufacturer to see if he can come up with something to give me to document my extended coverage. That was 10 days ago and I have heard nothing. Thoughts, comments, suggestions, similar stories?????
  4. Looking for some advice from someone that may have had this issue. I purchased a boat and then moved to another state. The boat is only a year old and the shifter is not working. Boat wont go into reverse when you shift into reverse it acts like its in neutral and just revs up. I called the local dealership and they all but told me they did not work on the volvo penta and only sold merc products and so they could not help. I would think given my warranty is with Chaparral they are responsible for fixing it one way or the other. Any suggestions???
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