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Found 2 results

  1. I know I have probably already commented on this but here I go again.. yes that is White Snake. I get about 10 gallons of water each time I spend a day on the water. Not enough to set the bilge on but enough that I use my wet vac to remove it. I have checked thru hulls the best I can and the fittings seem good. I also just lowered the boat in water and let it sit to make sure the water was coming in from the transom so where. so now I think maybe anchor locker OR the big $^& blower vent holes that really are not protected from the spray when I’m running Down the lake on plane. Could water be getting in there? I have covers on those vents but water could still get up in there maybe.. probably chasing my tail for a little water but anyone else have same issue on their Sunesta
  2. Hello shipmates - got a late start on the season due to recovering from rotator cuff surgery. Had the Chap de-winterized first week of July and just this weekend managed to make the inaugural trip of 2017. Here's what happened: launch boat in usual way, pick up the Admiral on the pier after she parks the rig. Idle out of marina, sitting stationary idling for a good 10 minutes just off the marina entry - no issues. Get up on plane for about 25 seconds then run up to about 4800-5000 to get the cobwebs out of the engine. Life is great being back on the water for the first time this season..... After 2-4 minutes, I get the trusty Mercury shrill warning beep and the engine starts going into limp home mode. I look at my instrumentation: temp ok, oil pressure ok. Bilge on - WTH? Yes, we double checked the plug before launching so I know its not that, and we didn't hit anything. We just detailed the boat Saturday morning and I didn't see anything weird at the stern - I didn't check the bellows but she's only in her 5th season, just over 200 hrs so that would surprise me. I'm really puzzled. I pull the rear seat cushion up to peek into the engine compartment and I see about 3" of water in the bilge and the bilge pump going gangbusters. Okay, turn around and head back to the marina about 3 miles away. Staying in limp home mode, the bilge is keeping up but it is pretty unsettling. I try to improve on the 6 mph we're making and see if I can get up on plane - I get to 22 mph but she won't plane so I look back and see some spray beginning to come up from the belt on the crankshaft - crap, now what? Water isn't over the crank but it's deeper than it was - I'm thinking I have more than likely submerged the starter.... so I kill the engine and we start getting jackets ready and electronics in the water tight bag ready for the worst. Bilge is still going, we flag down a passing boat and get a tow back to the marina. Without the engine running the bilge is dry by the time we get to the dock. Our rescuers refuse my offer for dinner at the marina burger joint - they'd been out in the Gulf last week and had a dead battery so this was their pay it forward moment. I tie up and the Admiral heads for the truck. From the time I start the engine, idle the 50 feet and drive onto the trailer, the bilge pump is going again and runs for a good 5 minutes before pumping dry. I'm thinking (hoping) I somehow blew out a blue drain plug in the run up to max throttle. Now the questions: what is the source and what potential damage do I need to check for? Second question - do I take it back to the folks who winterized and re-commissioned for me, a big box sporting retailer (I won't call names, but it starts with a 'C', they sell mainly outboard rigs, and their building is made of logs) or just give in and head to the Chap/Merc/VP dealer that I didn't use this year for my service?
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