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Found 5 results

  1. Hi Guys, I have a 1991 Chaparral 1900sl that I just purchased locally. We took it today for the first time, & tried to launch it. Unfortunately we had water coming in, so we didn’t fully launch. After we pulled the boat out of the water, we noticed water in the middle storage compartment. We have no clue where or how water could even get into that part of the boat. (SEE PHOTO) Does anybody have any ideas or suggestions on how we can figure out how to source a leak when they are no visible cracks or anything on the hull of the boat? Any help or advice is greatly appreciated. -Ev IMG_7861.MOV
  2. On Saturday we spent time cleaning the ski locker and bilge with a good cleaning as a decent amount of water leaked in thru the standard snap covers over the winter (boat stored on a lift for 1st time outside this winter) and had gotten a bit dirty down there. For the first time since we bought the boat new we took everything out of the ski locker including the plastic mat that runs the length and gave it a good cleaning. Given the poor drainage of the ski locker when at rest, we took the boat out for a short spin to drain as much as we could when the boat was coming on plane. As we did that we noticed something we've never seen....a small crack in the floor of the ski locker near what looks to be a stringer that would leak water up in ski locker when bow up underway. When dead in water stopped leaking and after about 15 minutes of running bow high the leaking subsided to a trickle. (see photo while underway) https://goo.gl/photos/8zybbakWd1CJc2Lg8 I'm assuming that water is under the ski locker floor in the space between locker floor and V hull. I'm pretty sure there are no hull cracks on outside as I'd probably notice since on lift but will double check. I'm going to check on the warranty but frankly I've been better at finding & fixing the typical Chap issues than the dealer so I'm considering if I should explore or create a hatch in ski locker floor so I can see for myself. (assuming no cracks in hull, definitely going back in that case) Any thoughts or insight from the great crew here online?
  3. Happy new year to you all! I hope 2017 brings you a great boating season! I'm also looking for advice, I just replaced my fresh water pump, it runs smooth and much quieter than the old one, but it keeps running while I'm running water. Shouldn't it pressurize and stop "humming"? thank you and again happy and safe new year. Chris
  4. Rain water seems to leak into the starboard side storage under the forward berth of my 2005 Signature 290 (same as earlier year 280). The drain seems to be clear because when I add a bucket of water to the anchor locker, it drains immediately out the forward thru-hull on the port side. Lots of tips here about water leaks from the anchor locker and cracks. I looked at my anchor locker and it seems that there is a rubber seal forward halfway up the wall of the locker, some of which appears pulled away slightly. Is this where the crack develops, or is it usually on the wall between the locker and the cabin? Does your anchor locker looks like this (see attached pics)? If I seal it with the 3M putty, will it re-open or crack due to bouncing of the hull on waves (is this the root cause?) Does Chaparral have any kind of tech tip or publication to dealers on this?
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