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Found 9 results

  1. I need information on how to winterize a 1987 Chaparral 187. It has a 4 cylinder engine and the model is mcm 165, any help appreciated!
  2. I am going to winterize my Chaparral H2O for the first time this year. I let the dealer do it until the warranty on the motor ran out. I've winterized boats before but they were older and frankly more simple. I don't want to miss any important step specific to this motor and would appreciate any advice from someone familiar with this setup. I have the H2O 19' Sport with the 4.3 MPI Mercruiser. I plan to run a double dose of Stabil stabilizer through the last tank of gas (low ethanol from our lake marina) and run it for about 30 minutes on the lake before taking her out for the seaso
  3. Been looking all over the forum and online for info about winterization. From what I can tell I can either do nothing, or everything. What I'm wondering is what are the most basic winterization steps that all I/O boat owners should take? Although I'm in Georgia, we can still expect at least a couple few days below freezing and it doesn't take much to crack a block or destroy [fill in the _______]. So what are you're winterization best practices - the few things that you CANNOT go without in winter?
  4. Hi all, My brother just acquired a '24 four winns i/o deckboat from his father-in-law's barn. It has been sitting there for about the last 5 years. From what he knows it was properly winterized before going into storage, and it was under a mooring cover. Our exposure to boat maintenance has been keeping up with our sailboats, sea-doos, various outboard motors and Chaparral 224 (as well as occasionally helping the lake neighbors with oil changes and winterizing). We know the complete history of all of our boats and have always done the routine, and sometimes non-routine, maintenance ourselves.
  5. Does anyone know if you can attach the winterization kit (antifreeze reservoir) directly to the flush port (hose with blue cap)? I contacted my dealer and Volvo, and they would not answer my question. If you order the reservoir online, they tell you that you need an adapter for Volvos to hook directly to the intake pump, and that is where the flush hose feeds into. I am guessing that the adapter is for Volvos without the flush attachment since the pump is on the forward side of engine ( away from clam shell hose attachment at the outdrive). If anyone has used the kit, please let me know ho
  6. I live in Gainesville, Florida. Only a few times a year the temperature gets below freezing. It happened just a few days ago, just as I was leaving town. Two nights in a row, one a low of 19 degrees, the other 21. Unfortunately, didn't seem to be a lot of alternatives to keeping my engines safe. I don't want to winterize it because I bought the boat to use it, so I've been out every week or two. Still, I had to have some type of a solution for when the temp does drop below freezing (when I asked about a block heater at the auto parts store the guy laughed). So my solution? I wrapped th
  7. As much as it pains me, I had to have the boat winterized for the first time in North Florida! Although its in dry storage, I wasn't going to get a moment sleep, since by morning it will be 19 degrees and Wednesday morning 25. Downside it will be in the 70s over the weekend (go figure).. BP
  8. Who's the last to hold out? We're supposed to see mid-60's this weekend in Madison, WI. Lake Mendota's temperature is hovering around 68º at 8 feet to the surface. I'll be doing a spot of tubing and slalom skiing this weekend (no wetsuit). The boat won't see winterization status until daytime temps average upper 40º - low 50º range. Who's still holding out for October boating?
  9. I attempted my first boat winterize procedure last night on my Mercruiser 305 EFI w/ Alpha stern drive. For the most part everything went close to plan: Ran motor on muffs for around 15 minutes to flush the cooling system with fresh water - discovered my exhaust bellows is shot Fogged motor (it wouldn't die while spraying a ton of fogging oil into it...) Pulled drains and ran a pick up them to make sure all water drains out Dropped lower unit and replaced impeller, reinstalled and filled with fresh oil Changed engine oil and filter Changed fuel filter Poured RV/Marine antifreeze down water ho
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