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Found 7 results

  1. Well guys it's getting to be that time of year again. My season is coming to a close with fall activities looming it's time to get the boat winterized and put into storage. I've been doing a lot of reading on winterizing and am a little confused. Last year I stabilized the fuel, changed the oil/filter, fuel filter and lower unit oil as well as opened the blue drain valves and ran antifreeze through the engine. This is my first I/O boat as I have winterized outboards before and always fogged the carbs. With the Merc 5.0L MPI engines i'm seeing people mixing up a "Cocktail" and putting it in the fuel filter and letting that "fog" the engine. Is the correct procedure? Does anyone have a good mixture for a "Cocktail" i've never done that in the past and am a little worried I maybe hurting my boat by not doing this step in the winterizing process. Thanks in advance!!!
  2. takeahiketour

    Mooring Through Winter

    Anyone have experience mooring through winter in an area with ocassional below freezing temperatures? Considering keeping our boat in a covered slip in Portland, OR through the winter. Been advised keep the outdrive down for drainage and so its in the water where temp will remain above freezing. Considering an automated heater for the engine compartment and flushing anti-freeze through the flush hose on the Volvo Penta 5.0 GXI in our 2011 206 SSI. Appreciate any thoughts!
  3. Capt Morgan

    tennessee winterizing

    Anyone have some advise/tips on winterizing a signature 300? I have an onboard engine heater, so I'm not sure what all I need to winterize. Would like to know if anyone around Nashville area could give me some info on what they do for the winter months. Still plan on taking it out some more this year, but this being my first winter with a boat I don't want to mess it up. Thanks
  4. I live in Gainesville, Florida. Only a few times a year the temperature gets below freezing. It happened just a few days ago, just as I was leaving town. Two nights in a row, one a low of 19 degrees, the other 21. Unfortunately, didn't seem to be a lot of alternatives to keeping my engines safe. I don't want to winterize it because I bought the boat to use it, so I've been out every week or two. Still, I had to have some type of a solution for when the temp does drop below freezing (when I asked about a block heater at the auto parts store the guy laughed). So my solution? I wrapped the outboard part of my 2005 204 SSI Chaparral engine in blankets. Then covered the engine itself with an electric blanket, which I turned up to 5. I'm not sure how long this would work, in the event we had a week of below freezing, but for these two days of cold, it seems to have worked fine as I ran her for a while today, no leaks or issues. Again, no guarantees, but it worked for me. I'm posting this here because as I was trying to figure out WHAT TO DO, this forum was the first place I checked, with limited luck. Can't wait to get back out. Looking at a wakeboard tower now!
  5. Desantdjd

    Winterizing in the Southern states

    Hey guys, I know there are plenty of topics on winterizing alreay on here, so apoligies for yet another. That said, I had a question on what the guys that live in the south do for winterizing their rides. I've got a 256ssx with an 8.1 Volvo Penta on a floating lift in a slip that i keep year round on Lake Wylie in NC. I've seen a bunch of LKN guys on the site and curious what those those live in and around the Carolinas do for winterizing. I'm planning on antifreeze throughout the water lines to the sinks/head/etc and holding tank, but more curious about engine and outdrive. Hoping you guys might be able to give advice on this. thanks all! Dan
  6. Ronnie

    2008 244xtreme questions

    So I am a first time boat owner and have a lot of questions that I can't find answers to because of how limited the owners manuals are. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am wanting to winterize on my own and have already flushed the block with rv antifreeze. 1. what are the other things that must be done aside from this. I bought some fuel stabilizer but don't know how much to add as I can't find anywhere how big the tanks are. 2. any special instructions on how to change the oil? Does this need to be done prior to storing for the winter or can it be done in the spring? 3. Does the lower unit lube need to be drained, and if so, how do I do this? 4. Any other hints and/or necessary things I missed? I can always pay someone this first year but I never want to trust others with so thing I can do myself easily. Thanks, Ronnie
  7. Baum's aweigh

    volvo 4.3 fuel pump cooling line

    In the owners manual of this unit, part of the draining process shows a picture of the fuel pump with a cooling line coming from it. It tells you t drain the line by disconnecting it from the manifold, not at the pump. that line gets wrapped up into other lines and I cannot locate where it is connected to engine. This is also on some other volvo engines as well. A little help please? Al