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Found 5 results

  1. From one of the VP authorized online vendors ... an overview and some pointers there. The upgrade can be done via any willing VP authorized service shop or dealership. Please note that the offer might be limited to registered VP XDP owners. In any case, might be worth to make a phone call if you still have a dreaded XDP drive attached to your boat. Recently, Volvo Penta announced that the XDP Upgrade Program has been extended to 12/31/2016. The program is offered to all registered Volvo Penta XDP owners, allowing them to swap out their XDP drives for either a DPS-B drive and transom shield package, or a DPS-B Ocean X drive and transom shield package. Link to more info: http://www.marinepartsexpress.com/xdpupgrade.html
  2. Three Little Birds

    New Volvo Drives

    After swapping Volvo XDP to the DPS-B drives, did your boat sit lower in the water? Ours is a 07 290 Sig. thanks
  3. Hello somebody has a used XPD-B Drive Ratio 1.96 where the housing is ok? Live in the Dominican Republic and here i get zero. Or somebody knows where i can get one. Thanks a lot greetings
  4. Richard W

    FYI Volvo Penta XDPS drives owners

    This is the unverified info I have received in my inbox from Marine Parts Express. Hope this can help somebody ... _____________________________________________ The Volvo Penta XDP Upgrade Program has been Extended Through 12/31/14 Recently, Volvo Penta announced the launch of the XDP Upgrade Program that affects all registered Volvo Penta XDP owners. This program allows registered owners to swap out their XDP drives for either a DPS-B drive and transom shield package or a DPS-B Ocean X drive and transom shield package. The price for these upgrades is about $4,000 less than the normal price. The Upgrade Program has a fairly complicated procedure for taking advantage of the offer, but we are here to help you throughout this process. Please call us toll-free at 1-877-621-2628 to take advantage of this effective and reasonably priced way to obtain a more dependable drive. _____________________________________________ BTW, it should say XDP not XDPS in the title.
  5. First of all, thanks to this awesome forum. I've learned so much in the 5 years with my '01 Sig 260. I got the good news last weekend from the admiral that it's time for an upgrade. We have our eyes set on a '06ish 330. I've read all your horror stories about the XDP drives, and will be avoiding those at all costs. I just want to confirm that the DP drives are different and are ok? One of the boats we are considering has the Volvo 5.7 GI engines with DP drives I believe. In addition to the drives, it sounds like the thermostats on the fridges are a common problem. Lastly, if anybody has any advice or experiences about buying out of area feel free to jump in. From what I've learned so far: among other things, I should try to be present for the independent survey and it needs to be shrink wrapped for transport. Thanks so much.