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Found 4 results

  1. My "engine sensor" lights and sounds are going off at 2000 rmps. Took it to local boat mechanic and he cannot get it to pull a code. When you go back below 2000 rpms, the "warning" goes away. Trim gauge seemed to quit working the same day and time this "engine sensor" light issue started happening. Any thoughts or ideas on where to start? Thanks
  2. I'm needing to find a part number for my trim gauge or trim indicator gauge for my 2009 Chaparral Sunesta 244 Xtreme. I can't seem to find it in the Chaparral parts list download from the website. I am wanting to know if it's Faria Beede or V3 and where and how I can replace it. Thanks
  3. Hi everyone. I'm a newbie here and, well, this is my very first post. I'm looking for a nice used Xtreme. Preferably 2009 - 2011 244 but would consider 224 or even 264 if it was the right boat, and price. I'm located near Toronto, ON but willing to travel reasonable (or even maybe unreasonable) distance for the right boat. Any insight or help would be much appreciated as I've scoured the www and coming up (mostly) empty handed.
  4. Hello, Me and my family had a 2005 215 SSI and loved it. We would go to our dock pull off the cover and be on our way to a day of fun. When the time came to get a bigger boat, it was a no brainer for me that it was going to be another Chaparral. However, when we purchased the 2013 264 Xtreme I never imagined that the canvas would leak so bad that my carpets would be soaked from front to back of the boat. They are soaked to the point where people were asking me if I didn't bother to cover my boat when it rained. My carpets are now starting to smell and I am getting annoyed with having to pull them out everytime after a rainfall. I have been working with the dealer to get the issue resolved and it has been slow going. They believe it to be an issue with the design of the canvas for my boat and I would agree. The point where the bow cover meets the cockpit covers seems as if it would channel water into the boat. Also the corners by the front of the windshield seems as it leaks as well. This is not a quality or well designed canvas. I am wondering if there are other xtreme or sunesta members having the same problem? Also what have you done to solve the issue? -Nick
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