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Rowing Dinghy

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Although my past 30 years have been in Anchorage AK - grew up on Gamble Bay. Really enjoyed rowing my small dinghy around the Bay for hours and hours as a boy so in addition to my Chap, I'm getting a new rowing dinghy to keep at my dock when we move down to Bainbridge in May.

After research, ended up connecting with the Dinghy Co. up in Mt Vernon. The Owner, Earl is a very cool guy who's been hand building great rowing / sailing dinghys for years. He's building me a 12.5' "Bainbridge 1" (a reproduction of a classic boat used on the island b4 ferries years ago). It' a gorgeous boat if you like this sort of thing; a white hull fiberglass/carbon boat with cream/brown interior and tigerwood gunwales and a set of custom oval brass oarlocks and wood oars - it'll be a joy to lean into it and really row.

Also got a 3.5 hp Nissan for putputting around, setting crab pots, and the occasional fishing trip.

If you're looking for a really nice dinghy in the NW, or a classic tender - he has quite a range of models and sizes from small tenders to serious dinghys and multiple sail options.

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Pic attached - check out the Dinghy co website for additional rowing and sailing pics


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