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On 3/5/2010 at 8:55 AM, Shepherd said:

I've seen boats with 800 hours on a small block V8 EFI, with no perceptible loss of power or wear. Rarer up here of course (40-50 for seasonal usage per year - often less) to see 400 hours on a boat of that age, but the 8.1L (496) engines have been reliable in my experience. All depends on how the boat was treated. If it was a salt water boat, I'd walk away.

I've seen my share of Hobbs hour meters puke; generally reliable though. As Joe stated, they are an easy replacement. A tech with computer can get the actual engine hours from an EFI engine as far back as the mid '90's with no problems. Most techs don't pay too much attention to what an hour meter says anyway unless it agrees with what the diagnostic computer reads. Only way a person can cheat the actual engine hours at that point is by swapping out the ECM, and that is NOT cheap.

I know this is an old post (now it's 2021!).  I'm looking at a 2011 - gauge hours say 350, ECM says 350 but the RMP breakdown adds up to 1100.  Why the discrepancy?  Boat condition also looks like 350 hours.

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