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I do not know if it makes me feel more depress to read all the boat talk topics at this time of year or more eager to get my boat out, but here in Montreal, still have at least another month and a half to wait before SHE will be in the water. And with all the nice weather we have been having lately my co-workers keeps asking when the boat will be out, it just make me want to :oregonian_winesmiley:

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If you make one small adjustment to your boat, you can have her out now. See the pic below.


Maybe that will help you with the "depression" you mention?

;) ;)

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Sometimes it is hard to read the discussions from our Chap friends in the sunny south! I dream of being back out in the water, especially after the brief tease we have had up here over the Easter weekend.

Can't imagine what it must be like to have the opportunity to boat all year long or for a good chunk of it...friends of ours think we are crazy to spend the money we do for 4 or 5 months worth of boating. I respond with how much fun we have as a family (away from video games, TV's etc), the memories we have created and the other boaters we have met and become friends with and have no regrets or doubts. Not a hobby, but a lifestyle!!

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I second the life style. And by the way, are we ever getting closer to L-Day (launch day). :thsmilie_water_119-1:

I just bought a condo, will get the keys at the end of May, wonder which will get all my attention, boat or condo, hum....

I sense that the boat will win. Good luck with both!

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