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Fresh or Salt Water


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On ‎7‎/‎10‎/‎2019 at 6:56 AM, Rwright1985 said:

I try keeping up with it.  It seems like a majority of SW boats are neglected.  I take mine through a DIY carwash then hose flush or dip in FW after each trip and it has sustained well.  

Or buy yourself a power washer and do it in your driveway.  Mine has a container for soap which I use all the time.  Sometimes with dishwashing detergent and sometimes with laundry detergent.

Even easier for me since I slip mine is after every singe outing, I flush the engines (do you have Volvo or Mercury?) and do it religiously.  Flush out all the salt from the engine block and the exhaust mainfolds and risers and with the same, simple hose I use to install into the Volvo direct flushport to flush the engine (Mercrapper doesn't have that don't ask me why even till today they haven't installed them in there although there is a way to do it rather easily) I take that same hose and hose down my baby and give her and freshwater shower.

I have a 50ft hose on my slip tower (wish it was 75-footer like my neighbor's but I couldn't find a marine hose like his so I settled with the 50'.  Hooked up all the time, I turn on the faucet handle and go to own.  Wash down all that salt from the hull and above the hull and anywhere you can get to.  I walk all the way around and get on the swim platform and spray that end of the hull as wel.


Get my new windlass I just finished installing to keep it nice and clean and shiny.



Hit the bimini, the hull, radar arch everything and wash off all that salt.  I watch it in this hot weather after it's dried and there is no salt on it whatsoever.


I even wash all my lines, every single one of them even if they're wrapped in a Flemish coil, that's even better.  Nothing is left unwashed. 


I even opened up a new thread in the Newbies section because I know what it was like being a newbie with a brand new super expensive boat.  I was so afraid to do the wrong thing that it prevented me from coming up with good ideas to clean the boat to it's fullest and get rid of any of the salt that might get on it.  Even when you're just cruising, hit a high wave or another boat's wake and you have salt water all over your cushions.  If you understand how all your floor, hatch, cooler and any other types of drains work, then this is the best way to clean your boat and its cushions completely.  Not just from salt, but from all that nasty gunk that gets accumulated in those senat cushion gutters.  I make sure the helm and throttle are well covered with towels and plastic and then I spray the living daylights out of the entire interior.  Most of the water that gets on the floor deck drains out the thruhulls but the others that drain down the center gutter of the hull that you can't see and end up in the bilge, here is your BEST and easiest and fastest way to dry your bilge of that water or even just rain water that comes in and ends up in there.


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