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Hi everyone,

Last weekend we spent 6 days (Tuesday, August 3 to Sunday, August 8) on Harrison Lake.

Google Map --> CLICK HERE <--

Friday/Saturday/Sunday was the Harrison Lake Poker Run. While we did not take part in the actual poker run, we did watch most of the Run and took part in the "lunch stop" festivities.

The weather for the first few days was extremely sunny and HOT...however, you will see in a lot of the photos that the air is very hazey. There are a tonne of forest fires in BC right now...and we are experiencing very smokey air from all of the fires. Then, on Saturday for the Poker Run...as it has done like clockwork for the past 4 years for the previous Poker Runs...it started to rain.

Here are some photos from our week on Harrison Lake.

Looking back towards the town of Harrison Hot Springs



Someone kiteboarding (not me)



Paddle Boat Cruise??



Here's where we spent the night (Long Island Bay)



Dinner is served!! Mmmm Mmmm



I think this deer liked the smell of dinner



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As we always like to do...after dinner we jumped into the Dinghy and took a cruise around Long Island Bay...

Our friends (with the Crown Line) and our boats in the background



A bunch of shots








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After all the boats departed on the Poker Run which started in Harrison Hot Springs...we then headed to the 5th stop of the poker run, which was also the "lunch stop" and live music/party stop.

We went back to our mooring spot and watched all the boats come into Long Island Bay...





There is our seal friend again!!



Miami Vice boat



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What is the public land like around Battle Lake? My buddy is having a 21st birthday party up there, and I dont really wanna go all the way up there just to drink.

Not sure where Battle Lake is....never heard of it ...

can you give me an idea ??

I know there is a Battle Lake in Alberta...

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