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Winterize Boat - 210 SSi

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Hi everyone, i have had my 210 SSi for a couple years now and am interested to find out if anyone out there has winterized their own boat and procedures on doing so?

It's that time of year here and i'm a DIY kind of guy and always have been. It's a 2005 210SSi with a 5.0l volvo penta motor.

I'd appreciate any information people could pass along or instructions on winterizing my boat. I know I have to drain the motor of all the water and change the bottom end oil, etc...but I haven't done this type of motor before (inboard that is) and want to make sure I get all the water out of the motor and drain the proper piping.

Thanks in advance!!

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In Winterpeg you will definitely need to winterize - of that there is no doubt. What did you do last year? If it worked then do it again would be my advice. If it's a cost thing, then consider professional winterization as very cheap insurance when a new engine and lower unit will cost many, many head of deer. I believe it's an I/O rather than an inboard in your boat, but cannot comment on how to winterize a lower unit. I am planning to change my lower unit oil (see excellent advice on the current synthetic oil thread) but that's it. I am having my Merc dealer do the engine winterization because it's a new boat and I understand the warranty is conditional on that. All they plan to do is remove the three blue drain plugs (and the top vent plug), which is the Merc rec. Expensive way to remove three hand-turn plugs I know, but I have some recall warranty work to do and they complain they never get the labor charges for recalls blah blah blah so this is a way to get them to do the job properly (I hope).

In short - don't save pennies if it ends up costing you loads of deer. Prevention is usually better than cure.



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We winterize our boat in Southwest BC..... (where it rairly gets below 0 and is stored indoors) so... for you... YES... DEFINATELY winterize your boat !!!

(and... most insurance companies won't cover damage to the engine due to freezing unless proffessionly winterized)

until next spring... :beer-7687-1:

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If you're not familiar with it, spend the money, have it done right, PLUS any isseus showing up with it, will be fixed over the winter instead of your day planned on the water.

I'm a life time mechanic, {Not marine thoug} and i take way more steps as needed just to be sure, there is knowledge, tricks and experience

which you will never find all in books or forums. if the costs are an isseu, tell the mechanic to keep costs down as much as possible, so they do only the really needed drainage and inspection.

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