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I think that 4k feet was vertical not horizontal.

Your prob correct. I stand corrected. My opologies. I could see how towing up a mountain can be stressfull. At least at 20 mph more it would not be as stressfull for as long. My only point is I do not want potential new boaters to be discouraged by the you have to have a huge boat and truck to enjoy boating. I have a 2001 Excursion V10 and a 1994 2130 Chap and have 14k in the package and it is a lot of family fun.. Most can aford to do this if they just dont go crazy on spending.. I also do not have to worry about fuel prices because I do not have payments on my toys.. Would I like to have a big diesel truck and a huge boat sure, but I would not be able to afford to use them after I made the payments. I just wish everyone would not always blow everything out of proportion and make it sound like you always need the biggest and baddest to have fun. So to stay on topic. A 3/4 ton with gas is all that is needed to tow the original posters boat providing it is within the manufactures weight limits. Once again are diesels better (sure) are they necessary (No)

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So what you are saying is driving 20 mph slower for 4000 feet put a physical/mental strain on you as the driver?? I also think the diesel is better overall, but for most it is not worth the extra cost to upgrade for the few miles boaters tow per year. I am always surprised that most people say for that much weight you need a diesel bla bla bla, when a gas will do the same job for a lot less money. granted if money is not a issue or you feel it is a must to get to the water ten min quicker spend the extra ten grand on the tow rig and get the diesel. I bought a used Ford Excursion for 7 grand and tow a 10000lb enclosed box trailer over 20k miles per year and have had no problems.. Most weekend boaters that are towing are not pulling 10k lbs.. I am not trying to argue I am just letting everyone know that yes you can do this on a blue collar budget and do not need a 30k or more tow rig. Keep in mind a F350 with a V10 and a DIesel both have a 15k tow capicity. The only difference is the V10 has 4.10 gears and the diesel has 3.73 to achieve this..

Well sometimes.........maybe not JUST the Baker grade, which by the way is 4100 foot ALTITUDE.....but hauling back to SoMo for NACRU is a 3800 mile round trip, and all the various trips to Mead, Powell & the Pacific amount to 10,000 +/- miles a year, and my boat & trailer weigh 13,000 +/-.....and MY F350 diesel has the 4:10 gears (Tow Boss) YES the diesel is less stress on me the driver and consequently on the Admiral because I'm in such a good frame of mind, as compared to the V-10......and one of the reasons it's important to me at least to "keep up" with traffic is that the roads (I-15 & I40) on a Friday too & Sunday from the river and Lake Mead can be like 285 around Atlanta during rush hour......there is a reason why those with diesels will never go back to a gas engine if you have anything heavy to one and you'll understand.

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Yes I contradicted myself! Told you I was driving myself NUTZ shopping for trucks! I have been told over and over to stay away from the 6.0 ford! The reason the 6.0 sucks in the ford but not international trucks is the emission regulations that are required on the smaller non commercial trucks. I bought a 2004 Dodge Cummings, 4x4, crew cab, short bed at, yesterday! The 5.9 HO Cummings has the very best MPG and reliability; I was talked into the fact that the transmissions only got a bad rap from the older models. The NEW 6.7 Cummings is suffering from some of the same problems as the Ford 6.0. The 7.3 prices right now are HIGH!! People want WAY too much for them. !! Looks like I am going to have to put one of those stickers on the back that says "I'd rather be Cumming then Stroking"!! HAHA Just seems a little FORD Heavy in the Chaparral Forums!! banana2.gif

The 454 and V10 are terrible towing compared to any diesel! Chevy 6.0 is Kinda OK. So glad I decided against the Tundra. Thanks Forum Peeps.

Buying the Dodge 2500 was likely a sound decision. I used to have a Ford F 250 7.3L Powerstroke, and it totally rocked for power, but it was in the shop too often. It also cost me $1000.00 ++ every time the Diesel mechanic looked under the hood. I traded it on a Dodge Cummins 2500 simply for the economics.


The Dodge never had the power of the Ford, but the trade off for reliability was worth it. The Dodge was not a slouch either, it pulled up the mountains way better than any Gas engine.

I miss that truck, I had sold it when I deployed for OIF. Now I have an F-150 4x4 and a Chevy 3500 van (2wd), the combination of these fits my family situation (5 kids, 1 boat and 2 jet skis) at this time. I do miss the deisel when pulling the boat over the Rocky Mountains to Lake Powell, but the Van hauls the boat quite handily and the truck is good for the jet skis. My boat only weighs about 1/3 of what yours does, but the Rockies are quite a long pull. I concur with all the posts about sizing of your towing vehicle properly.

Best of luck with the new ride and the new boat!!!boating.gif

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