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Any Suggestions on a boarding ramps

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Anyone out there ever build a boarding ramp for their boat. My wife has a bad case of Sciatica and cannot get on and off the boat. We dock stern in any suggestion on a boarding ramp. I was looking at some on the internet but they are huge heard of Deer. I need something that my wife and small grandchildren can use to safely get on and off the boat but is easy to get out of the way when we are leaving and returning to the dock.

Thank you


LADY-G Sig 310

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Stepping from the swim platform to the dock or from the dock to the swim platform is only possible if the dock is a floating dock. Many marinas on Long Island, including the one we use, have fixed docks which require climbing up or down a ladder, depending on the tide. At Port Jefferson, the difference between high tide and low tide can be four feet or more! That's one reason we're not there. The Admiral will not climb a ladder that high and I don't blame her. Bill: a hinged ramp isn't too difficult to build but you would need a vertical post and rope/pulley system to pull the ramp up so that it would clear the boat once you left the slip. You'd have to pull up the ramp and tie the rope off on the bulkhead once your wife and/or the grandkids were aboard and before you left the slip. On return, you'd have to untie the rope and let the ramp swind down to the swim platform. I hope my explanantion is clear. It you'd like, you could PM me and we might work out how I could help you build it (no charge, of course) Hy

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