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Alouette Lake - May 13, 14, 15, 2011

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Hello everyone,

This past weekend (May 13, 14, and 15) we spent the weekend on Alouette Lake.

Alouette Lake is located within the Golden Ears Provincial Park, and is approx. 11km north from Maple Ridge, BC and 65km northeast of Vancouver, BC.


Map of Golden Ears Provincial Park PDF

We used to spend a lot of time on Alouette Lake with our previous boat (24' Maxum), but we had never taken L'Atatude to Alouette Lake in the past year that we've owned her. Reason: Alouette Lake isn't really that big of a lake there is also a very tricky boat launch there (if you have a large boat). We were worried that L'Atatude was going to be too big for the launch. Last Tuesday, CJOrca and I headed out for a drive after work up to Alouette Lake just to see how things were looking up there, make sure there wasn't any low tree branches or obstacles that would prevent us from having a weekend out on the lake. Everything checked out, so it was a go for our Friday morning launch.

As I mentioned earlier, the launch 'system' at Alouette is not designed well for large boats. See Google Earth Picture Below:


It's designed so that when you approach the launch you go around the loop in a counter-clockwise direction and then turn left up the center...and then back down the ramp into the lake. Since I am over 50 feet in length (truck & trailer), I cannot make the loop (curb, trees, and bolders make up the perimeter of the loop. Anyways, instead of taking the loop, I entered on the opposite side and went backwards into the loop and then backed down the ramp that way. Had never done Alouette this way, so didn't know what to expect..and it went flawlessly! Yay!! :lol:

Anyways, here are a few pictures from our weekend on Alouette Lake. Enjoy!!

Looking back towards the launch (south)



Looking up the lake (north)



A bit of flotsam on the lake today...



Dropped anchor, now running a stern line to shore



Our spot's secure, time for lunch and drinks!!



All set



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We anchored right off the mouth of Gold Creek



That's the beach on the "other side" of Gold Creek



Time to go for a "Tender Tour" UP Gold Creek!!



There's L'Atadude!



Heading up Gold Creek



Approaching the rapids



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Made it to the rapids



Making our way down Gold Creek




There's L'Atatude again



Another pic of Alouette Lake



Found a waterfall



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The underwater lights in Alouette were amazing...Alouette is crystal clear water!!



L'Atatube, NuTeak Swimgrid, and Welcome Mat



Underwater light froms L'Atatude shining underneath L'Atatube



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beautiful pictures. :popcorn: It appears you had the lake to yourselves.

Yes, we pretty much did. That's one of the reasons we like that lake...peace & quiet.

CJ & Ref.....Thanks for sharing....nice. :clapsmiley:

You're welcome! I wish we had a little bit better weather and took a few more pics. Oh well, next time.

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Here is a few extra pics that one of our friends took (borrowed from his Facebook site).





Drying our my chair in the campground. It rained a little on the Saturday....


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