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Mid Van-Isle Poker Run - 2011 (and more)

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Hi everyone!

As I am sure you are all aware...our truck and boat trailer was stolen on May 21, 2011. Since that day, instead of trailering our boat as we normally do, we had to keep our boat at the Pitt Meadows Marina.

We had to attend the Nanaimo Floating Boat and Marine Trade Show from Friday, June 3rd to Sunday June 5th. Because we were taking the boat with us (pleasure and work), we had to travel from Pitt Lake to Pitt River to the Fraser River to access the ocean and cross the Georgia Straight to Nanaimo. (SEE MAP).

Because of a very rainy spring and a large snow pack that is now melting...we are experiencing extremely high water levels in all of our lakes and rivers. We didn't think too much about this until we departed early on Thursday morning, June 2nd.

You see, there is a railroad crossing that is low on Pitt River. Normally, on a high tide we can go under the bridge with a good foot and a half clearance. However, because of the higher water levels, we were faced with this -->


Instead of having a foot and a half clearance...there was only about 10 feet from the water to the bridge. There was no way we could make it under. So, we had to call the bridge operator to see if we could get the bridge swung open. I was worried because we were right in the middle of the morning rush hour and every 30 minutes there is a commuter train that crosses the bridge until 9:00am (we got to the bridge at 7:00am). Anyways, luckily the operator was cool and he told us there was two trains crossing in the next half hour and then he would swing the bridge open for us.


And away we go!

The rest of the crossing was good. The river wasn't too full of debris and flotsom and the ocean was nice and calm.

We arrived in Nanaimo safe and sound just after 10am.


We then spent the weekend working @ the boat show and enjoying the weekend of great weather and of course, The Dinghy Dock Pub.

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On Monday, June 6th we departed Nanaimo and made out way to Pender Island to spend a few days with some good friends of ours.

I don't have any pictures of our trip to Pender Island, but I have a few pictures from around Pender Island.

View from a friend's house:







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And some pictures from the many rounds of Disc Golf we played. The Disc Golf park on Pender Island is a very, very amazing course. If you have the chance to visit Pender Island, be sure to check out the Disc Golf Park.







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After a few days on Pender Island, we then left on Thursday, June 9th for Thetis Island.

We spent the weekend (Thursday, June 9th to Sunday, June 12th) attending the "Mid Van Isle Poker Run" which was based out of Thetis Island, BC.

The poker run itself was on Saturday, June 11th and took us to the following locations:

1st Stop: Genoa Bay (Cowichan Bay) (Google Map Link)

2nd Stop: Fulford Harbour (Saltspring Island) (Google Map Link)

3rd Stop: Port Browning (Pender Island) (Google Map Link)

4th Stop: Montague Harbour (Galiano Island) (Google Map Link)

5th Stop: Telegraph Harbour (Thetis Island) (Google Map Link)

Here is a link to a Google Map that I created showing the route we traveled --> (LINK)

Here are some pictures for you all to enjoy: (also, here is a link to my post from the 2010 Poker Run...lots of good pics in this post too --> CLICK HERE <--)

On the dock in the Marina...



Me in the Green Man outfit!!!



Everyone loves Green Man :-)


L'Atatude's Underwater Lights......


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On the morning of the Poker Run...some guy dropped his dip stick into the water....not wanting to run his boat without a dip stick...CJ came to the rescue and went freediving for a dip stick...




Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand success!!!!!!


Oh look...a Green Man again!! lol


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And now for some pictures from the actual poker run. This year we left our boat on the dock and rode with our friends who own the Crown Line that you see in most of our other photos. It's more fun to be on a boat with other people during the Poker Run than by ourselves...and it's nice to share fuel costs too.

Look...our twin, except Blue!!








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On the return trip to Thetis Island, it was high tide, so all the boats went between Tent Island and Kuper Island. On anything other than a high tide, this area is dry land...no needless to say, it was only about 6 feet deep when we went through.....





See the sand bar??


Tent Island behind us...


Neat rock formation on Kuper Island...


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