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10 Sunesta 264 GPS advice

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Hey to all,

I'm into my second summer with our 10 Sunesta 264, truly a great boat! I'd like to add a GPS unit and would like some advice. Is this something I can pick up after market and install myself or will I need to take it into the dealer (a big chore).

Any recommendations on which GPS unit to go with. I'll use it on inland lakes, primarily, probably only in Oklahoma.

thanks to all,


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Can be purchased aftermarket and easily installed. Look for one with an internal antenna so you don't have to also mount a dedicated antenna. Make sure you measure not only twice, but three times before drilling any mounting holes. I am partial to Lowrance models, but there are many good one out there. Just make sure you know that it will fit where you want it. Good Luck.

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The beauty of your dash is that its made to fit a Garmin 500 series GPS. Depending on where you boat, I'd opt for a 536s or 546s, and local G2 Vision chart card. The 's' versions allow a depth transducer to be plugged into the unit. If one wants to add a depth transducer to a non 's' version, the cost will be very high...one can get the 's' versions without the transducer in the box.

NOTE 1: highly recommend using the thru-hull type transducer as they are generally more reliable and robust. Just drill the hole in the hull opposite the factory transducer.

NOTE 2: you'll also want the 500 series flush mount kit to install the GPS unit into the dash.

The '6' versions give twice the pixel clarity of say the 531 or 541, and is well worth the cost, especially with the G2 Vision charts.

Here's an example of parts:

GPSMAP 546s (no transducer) 010-00774-02

Garmin 500 series Flush Mount Kit 010-10447-05

Garmin Thru-Hull Transducer: 010-10218-00

You won't need a seperate antenna. The internally mounted version tested out well in our stock 216 SSi that I installed a 546s into.

Here's another link from last year.


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