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Hi everyone,

Last weekend we spent 5 days/4 nights (Wednesday, August 3 to Sunday, August 7) on Harrison Lake.

Google Map --> CLICK HERE <--

Normally this weekend is the Harrison Lake Poker Run. However, this year it was cancelled (various reasons, but mainly the head organizer was not able to do it this year and no one else stepped up) and instead on Saturday, August 6th they held a "Chasing Pirates Treasure Hunt"

We didn't take part in the Treasure Hunt, but we did make an appearance where they held the afternoon dock/beach party to check things out.

We had decent weather this year (sunny and warm) and the water was an amazing emerald green colour this year as well...the lake water is extremely high and filled with lots of minerals, etc. from the snow melt and mountain streams. If you see my post from last year's Harrison Lake Poker Run weekend you will see photos with very different weather and water.

You can view the whole album as a slideshow on Photobucket by clicking here -- "View Slide Show"

Anyways, on to the photos!!








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Wow. Amazing pictures. I love Harrison Lake. Its really a beautiful and relaxing place. You planning on any more trips out there? It's definitely not a one time type of place! Cheers!

We do lots of trips to Harrison Lake - we'll be out there this year !

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