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leons luck

470 mercruiser alternator

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Hello all:

I too am a newbie, to Big boat, Boating, and my project is a 1987, 26 foot, 278 XLC, with Twin 470s, non, alternator converted.

They seem very underpowered for this size of a vessel, and I have read about the problems associated with the engines, and the water cooled strator/votage regulator system consistant failure.

My question to the forum is should I scrap the twin 470's (which I have not tested if they run yet) for twin higher powered

engines or rebuild the 470's. If so what would the new Power engines would be recommended?

The hull and interior of the vessel is superb, for I knew I would have engine issues on a project vessel.

Thank you for your time.


Woolley..merc_outdrive 2.pdf

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